Future-proof your digital enterprise with optimized digital spaces

Beat the competition with a website and online campaigns that work for you, not against you.


Poorly designed digital spaces and campaigns limit conversion, undermine navigation and obscure analytics. This can confuse your customers, reduce growth – and even lead to regulatory issues.

We analyze your data quality, and validate your web analytics and on-site campaigns to make sure you’re optimized for getting the most from analytics.

But we don’t stop there. We also expertly assess your website and campaign quality, diagnosing any link defects, inappropriate links, redundant content or readability issues. And we identify any Search Engine Optimization opportunities you might be missing out on.

Finally, we offer thorough compliance checks making sure everything from your personal data forms to your accessibility-related regulations are up to government standards.

Business Website Checkup: How Healthy is your Corporate Website?

Accenture's suite of proprietary marketing software packages help drive marketing performance from strategy and implementation through execution and measurement. Learn more about Accenture Digital Marketing Software.

Specific Services

Accenture Digital Optimization Services help clients deliver the optimal digital experience that is consistently aligned around customer needs and intentions, and has a significant impact on customer loyalty and the ability to win new customers. We help create online assets that are as lucrative as they are alluring, delivering dramatic improvements by focusing on the experiences that meet customer needs and intentions. We also help establish robust implementation quality standards that help companies identify, implement and manage to today's digital and web standards.

Case Study

Accenture and Lacoste: Establishing a Digital Presence in China

Accenture is helping Lacoste quickly establish an optimized digital presence in a strategic market with the cloud–enabled, multichannel Accenture E-commerce Solution for China.

Lacoste selected Accenture due to its multichannel platform, excellent track record in navigating the legal and cultural challenges related to launching online businesses in China, and ability to deliver quality online experiences to Chinese consumers for other brands and businesses.

Through close collaboration, Accenture is helping Lacoste achieve its goal of turning China into its largest retail market through an optimized digital presence.


Accenture Marketing Optimization Services: Mastering the Multichannel Marketing Challenge

Demanding. Connected. Informed. Today’s consumers shop in a multichannel world — but do marketers have the tools and approaches to keep pace with them? See firsthand how Accenture Interactive Optimization Services can help with marketing ROI optimization, multichannel attribution, causal forecasting and pricing and promotion optimization, and turn skeptical browsers into a loyal buyers.

Why Accenture

From our research, we’ve found that 15% of pages have broken links, more than 50% have serious flaws when it comes to protecting consumer data, and one in seven sites is unknowingly linking to inappropriate content.

Accenture Digital Optimization Services are purpose-built for analyzing and optimizing websites and web environments. With our team of website experts, we help you establish robust quality standards to tackle common issues and flaws, and help you achieve digital success.