A study we conducted with HfS Research revealed one key takeaway: companies need more from finance and accounting than what they’re getting today.

The businesses pulling away from the pack are transforming their business processes with Intelligent Operations at the heart of the enterprise. Finance and other critical functions are empowered, enabling newfound flexibility, responsiveness and sustainable competitive advantage.

How do you get there? With data-driven applied intelligence and good old-fashioned human ingenuity. Breakthroughs follow.

Balancing act for finance and accounting

Consumerism, digital and data disruption. According to our study with HfS Research, three accelerating trends compel finance organizations to reimagine themselves:


Of organizations say having a digital customer engagement model, and the ability to respond to customer needs with agility, is a key enabler to help them achieve goals.


Are concerned with disruption and competitive threats, especially from new digital-savvy entrants.


Organizations estimate that 50 percent to 90 percent of their data is unstructured and largely inaccessible.

The five essentials of Intelligent Operations

The combination of five ingredients drives the lasting transformation companies need to compete in tomorrow's business.

1. Innovative Talent

56% ranked creative entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity for innovation as the top workforce requirements today.

2. Data Driven Backbone

93% say the ability to make data-driven decisions will have a major impact on achieving business goals.

3. Applied Intelligence

95% believe automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will help them achieve business goals.

4. Leveraging the power of cloud

90% expect to apply cloud-enabled capabilities such as "plug and play" digital services and enterprise grade holistic security.

5. Smart Partnership Ecosystem

96% said working closely with ecosystem partners will be important to meet objectives.

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Spark the transformation

Five questions finance and accounting leaders should ask themselves:


Do you have the right talent to navigate the future?


Can you get to the right data to drive real transformation?


Are you deploying applied intelligence to innovate faster?


Is your infrastructure sufficiently agile and flexible to anticipate and address customer requirements?


Are you establishing smart partnerships and fully leveraging their innovation potential?

Manoj Shroff

Managing Director – Intelligent Finance Operations Innovation Lead


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