Back office, it’s time to meet the customers. Most banks aim to compete and win in the digital economy by offering a customer experience that is truly personalized, but most North American bank operations can’t deliver.

The 2018 North America Banking Operations Survey of 80 bank executives points to the future of banking operations—by 2020, up to 40 percent of bank spending on digital transformation will be in operations.

Becoming the new front office

Back Office, It's Time to Meet the Customers

Findings from the new 2018 Accenture North America Banking Operations Survey of 80 bank leaders point to a new future for banks’ back office. See more.

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Bank operations today are a bit like Play-Doh when it hardens—it can be tough to change, but mixing in a little water makes the putty soft and pliable again. Digital innovation is water for a bank’s office.

Four game-changing themes

Survey results highlight key themes set to change the game for bank operations:

  1. “Customer First” has reached the back office
  2. Bank operations becomes the intelligence engine
  3. Tapping trapped value elevates customer experience
  4. The legacy environment is holding back change

Time to reimagine the back office

Changing the role of the back office and having a game plan is essential to successfully adapting to the changing digital economy.

About the Authors

Alan McIntyre

Senior Managing Director – Banking

Charlie Arthy

Senior Manager – Accenture Banking

Ben Lopez

Director – Banking, North America


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