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Delivering public service for the future: Harnessing the crowd

Governments should leverage crowdsourcing to succeed in today’s ecosystem.

Government leaders around the world must do more with less. At the same time as seeking cost efficiencies, they need to create sustainable services, meet increasing social demands and maintain internationally competitive economies.

To address these imperatives effectively, governments must rethink how and what they deliver. As a starting point, they need to tap in to the potential of innovation and collaborative working. 

The article’s authors - Tim Cooper, senior manager at the Accenture Institute for High Performance (AIHP), Matthew Robinson, managing director of policy research at AIHP, and Henry Kippin, director at Collaborate CIC – argue that governments need to harness the crowd outside government to spur innovation in delivery, funding and policy. The crowd within government also has a role to play—whether by pooling resources or by providing services to other agencies and governments. 

Read the full article, “Delivering Public Service for the Future: Harnessing the Crowd” in the September/October 2013 issue of Ivey Business Journal.