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Accenture and IBM

Combining deep technology and delivery skills with innovative solutions on IBM-Technology that address the business needs of our clients.


Over 15 years ago, Accenture established a formal Global Business Partnership with IBM-Technology to enable and grow Accenture Systems Integration services on IBM-Technology.

Today, Accenture is the world's largest Systems Integrator of IBM-Technology, an IBM-Technology Premier Business Partner, and one of the world's leading innovators of IBM technology solutions.

“Accenture is a long-standing and valued IBM technology partner. Their skills and experience in successfully solving client business challenges with IBM technology is recognized in the marketplace and by IBM.”

Dr. Daniel Sabbah, Chief Technology Officer and general manager, IBM Next Generation Platforms


Accenture’s global partnership with IBM-Technology thrives as a multi-faceted business partnership of significant size to both IBM and Accenture, and spans tens of thousands of successful Accenture client engagements over the years.

The ongoing partnership enables us to maximize project success by combining deep technology and delivery skills with innovative solutions that address the business needs of our clients, with minimal risk.


The engine of Accenture’s partnership with IBM—the Accenture Innovation Center for IBM Technologies (AICIT)—differentiates Accenture in the market and offers a unique benefit to our client engagement teams and their clients:

  • A world-wide team of over 45,000 dedicated Accenture practitioners with deep IBM technology skills and extensive executive relations at IBM.

  • Drive innovation, developing leading-edge solutions with an extensive library of IBM technology assets and a Rapid Prototype Lab for PaaS application development on Bluemix.

  • Provides extensive sales and delivery support to Accenture engagement teams enabling differentiated selling and safer delivery on complex, IBM technology solutions.

  • 11 ACIT hubs around the world support well over 2,700 client engagement requests annually, including extensive, formal Technical Architecture reviews.

  • Early access to IBM product engineering, R&D, and product roadmaps.

  • Significant training and enablement programs across the IBM product portfolio, with 4,000 practitioners trained annually.

Accenture Cloud Studio powered by IBM Bluemix

Helping businesses improve performance and drive revenue growth: Accenture’s Cloud Studio team uses IBM technologies to seamlessly integrate all IT components, such as analytics, mobile, and ERP, so our clients can become a connected digital enterprise.


Accenture Innovation in asset development
Working together, these two leading companies have developed more than 150 sales and delivery assets that have been downloaded over 10,000 times annually. These assets are developed to address the critical business needs of our clients and include: Smarter Analytics, Mobile, Rational, Big Data, and Smarter Infrastructure, to name a few.

Accenture market development
As an IBM-Technology Premier Business Partner, Accenture gains privileged insight into IBM product engineering, R&D, and future roadmaps, ensuring we can guide our clients in making the right choices for quality delivery of sustainable solutions.