The EQUATE Group faced the challenge of facilitating operations on a common, systems-integrated solution.

The company required a deeper understanding of how to implement and streamline homogenized, standardized and secure processes across key functional areas—and over more than 40 systems. This initiative needed to be completed in under 12 months, when the service agreement with the former parent company of subsidiary, MEGlobal, was set to expire.

Accenture was chosen for this effort based on our expertise and experience in delivering similar solutions in the EQUATE Group's established global regions.

What Accenture did

We worked to provide an efficient solution with minimal business disruption.

To help employees adopt the new system, we conducted extensive user-acceptance testing and training. And to foster alignment throughout the project, we collaborated with the EQUATE Group to confirm more than 440 strategic business decisions, review over 2000 business events and uncover more than 50 integration points—ensuring that the right people were utilized at the right time.

Value delivered

Accenture developed an SAP platform facilitating effective operations as one, unified organization. This new platform has provided a broad range of benefits in the following key areas:


The new platform establishes a “single source of truth,” while streamlining reconciliation processes and improving financial reporting.

Supply chain

The solution facilitates strategic growth in sales and production, while enabling more-effective product monitoring throughout the supply chain.


The system enhances visibility via a central vendor repository, boosts relations with suppliers and drives efficiency through process automation.

Human Resources

Globally consistent HR policies are enabled with the flexibility to accommodate country-specific policies.

EHS and management

Enhanced safety standards and regulatory compliance are supported and waste, hazardous materials and occupational hazards management are improved.

Manufacturing solutions

SampleManager LIMS 11.1 helps manage laboratory data, and desktop application NWA QA gives efficient access to data from the SampleManager Database.

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