Teg E.


Teg E.


Service Delivery Operations Manager



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Portfolio and Delivery Management


Dela Salle University Manila

About Me

What I Do

I’m a Manager in Accenture Operations, leading a team of about 200 people. I take care of planning and strategizing for my group. I’m also our client’s Point of Contact.

Day In My Life
My day at the office would usually start with a team meeting and checking and responding to e-mail messages. I next meet with my supervisors and team leads, to keep up to speed and make sure that everything’s on track.

Outside the Office
I spend my time off from work with my loved ones—I either spend my weekends in Angeles City with my family and enjoy tasty dishes from the best cook in the world (my mom); or hang out with my husband, dining in different restaurants.

Aside from my love for food, I also enjoy the occasional day at the spa or a great movie with friends.

My Advice
Accenture is a company that is truly rich in training and development opportunities. Do your best when you apply with us, because when you do come onboard, prepare to embrace a real career—not just a job—as you experience partnering with people who will help fast-track your growth towards career excellence.