Sherwin I.


Sherwin I.


Service Delivery Operations Senior Manager



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Portfolio and Delivery Management


BS ECE at Saint Louis University

What I Do

The thing that excites me about my work is the technical aspect of it. I handle a team of approximately 500 highly skilled individuals. We support a US Telco company and we’re the ones designing the circuits of their client. We deliver innovation and at the same time, we also provide analytics. Metrics are gathered and analyzed on a monthly basis to maintain and improve quality.

I also love empowering my people. I believe in knowing the skills of my colleagues so I can delegate, let them manage some aspects of the day-to-day operations that I know they can accomplish successfully.

Day in my Life

I look forward to every opportunity of talking to my people in the office and sharing with them some of my previous experiences working for other industries. It gives me joy to be able to motivate and inspire them through the anecdotes I share with them during our conversations. Coaching has always been part of my daily routine, either formal or informal through the one-on-one discussions or casual chats I have with my team.

My day isn’t complete without eating a healthy meal (salad) at least once a day. I see myself becoming a “vegan” in the near future.

I try to be home by 9:00 AM to bring my daughter to school and fetch her at 11:00 AM. I usually allot time for play and bonding with her before I retire for the day.

Outside the Office

My wife also works for Accenture. She’s one of the managers for the Mobilization Team and we have a daughter. During weekends we usually go out, watch movies,have dinner and sometimes we go to the province to visit our relatives.

My Advice

In life, especially in your career, you have to constantly keep studying, doing research. Learning never ends. Accenture gives me the opportunity to keep improving my technical skills, providing support to gain certifications, such as the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. It's challenging and exciting.