You have the power to change the world! Join PROGRAM THE FUTURE (PTF) 2019: The Accenture Technology Campus Challenge— Partner technology with industry and build solutions to make the world a better place.

Grab the opportunity to work and collaborate with industry experts as they mentor you throughout the competition. Learn more about the different industries we serve and see how you can help solve their most pressing problems.

Come up with bold, radical concepts that use cutting-edge technology to improve the way we work and live. Learn to unleash the power of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Extended Reality with the help and mentorship of our industry experts.

Register your idea today and make the world a better place!


Submit your idea and register your team today!

*Assign one team representative that will serve as our main point of contact.

*List your team members’ name:

Let us know how you would like to make a difference through Technology.
(Problem + What Industry + Technology Solution)

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Your Program the Future 2019 journey starts in March, as we kick off this year’s challenge with an inspiring and informative expo . Then, check out the next phases of the competition, which culminates with an exciting finale by the end of July.

Get a head-start on the competition! Join our PTF Ideation Conference on March 30, where you can draw inspiration for your entries from a talk about the different industries we serve, plus a Design Thinking Session with Accenture’s own experts. You may also start submitting your ideas during the expo.

Submit your Tech for Good idea and let us know how you would like to make a difference through Technology.

Don’t forget to tell us what industry problem you’re trying to work on and what type of digital technology (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Analytics, etc.) you wish to leverage to solve it. (Problem + What Industry + Technology)

Deadline of submission of entries is on April 12. Once registration is officially closed, all entries will be forwarded to your school’s department. From there, your faculty will choose a maximum of three teams that will move on to the Kickoff Event.

The top teams selected by each school will be invited to the Tech Vision Expo, where they’ll learn about Accenture Technology Vision 2019, a report that details the five emerging technology trends unfolding in the next three years. They’ll also meet their Accenture mentors (industry experts) and discover the different emerging tech they can use to build their Tech for Good idea. Mentors will coach the teams throughout the competition and help them build their prototype, which teams are expected to present during the semifinals.

Qualified teams are expected to present their prototypes to Accenture leadership. Teams’ presentations will be judged according to a set criteria, and only 10 will continue to the final round. The top 10 teams will be announced that same day.

Note: With the guidance of their mentors, the 10 finalists are expected to hone their prototypes and presentations in the next 4 weeks leading up to the finals.

The 10 finalists will present their working prototype at the Program the Future finals. Only one team will be named this year’s champion. Winners will be announced that same day. Prizes at stake are as follows:

Grand Champion PhP 300,000
School of the Grand Champion PhP 50,000


Top 10 Finalists PhP20,000 per team
Accenture Favorite PhP10,000
Tech Vision 2019 Awardee PhP50,000
  1. Once I attend the PTF Ideation Conference , will I be automatically registered in the competition?
    • The Ideation Conference is designed to help student participants craft their ideas. You and your team will be registered for this year’s PTF once you submit your idea. Teams may submit their ideas during the Ideation Conference, or any time between March 30 to April 12, 2019.
  2. How do I register for the Ideation Conference?
    • If you’re interested to join the competition, sign up for the Ideation Conference by notifying your school’s department heads. Fill up the registration form they will provide. Your school will send us the consolidated list of attendees.
    • Confirmed participants will receive an e-mail notification with the event details from Accenture.
    • If you have already identified your team members, it’s best to have at least two representatives to join the conference. The maximum number of members per team is five.
    • Slots are limited, which is why we leave it to your school’s department heads to choose who will attend the conference.
  3. If I did not attend the Ideation Conference, can I still register our team entry in the competition?
    • Yes, you may still register your team entry by completing the online form.
  4. If we don’t have an academic lead representing our school for PTF, who will choose the top teams that will move on to the Kickoff Event?
    • For the teams that have no academic representation, Accenture will decide who will move on to the Kickoff Event.
  5. If I’ll be graduating within the competition period, may I still join PTF?
    • Of course! Graduating students are encouraged to join the competition, as long as they’re not employed throughout the duration of the competition.


Student innovators unleash their creativity and imagination for #ProgramTheFuture2018. This year's participants learned about emerging tech - Blockchain, Cloud, AI, Extended Reality, IoT, and Data Analytics - which they applied in their technology solutions that aim to improve the way we work and live.

Watch how Accenture empowered these brilliant minds and helped them make their ideas into a reality!

Program the Future 2018: Kickoff Event

Watch the video

Program the Future 2018: Semifinals

Watch the video

Program the Future 2018: Finals

Watch the video



TEAM COOP. Ambe Tierro, Accenture's Advanced Technology Centers Lead in the Philippines and Global AI Capability and Delivery Lead (left) joins Team Coop as they are awarded Grand Champion. Photo courtesy of Accenture.

Meet Team Coop, from Cebu Institute of Technology University, their winning app is named “TINGOG” which helps children with cleft palate to speak. The app is considered to complement speech therapy by integrating emerging technologies such as: AI, Data Veracity and Frictionless Business. Read more about the PTF 2018 finals here.



Use the latest technologies and partner with industries to ideate and develop innovative solutions that can improve the way we work and live.

  1. The competition is open to all college students who are passionate about technology and programming. They must be committed to building a working prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP), which they will present during the finals.
  2. A team must consist of not more than five members. Team members may be enrolled in different courses, but should come from only one school/college/university.
  3. Each student must be at least 18 years old by the deadline for submission of ideas, and may join only one team.
  4. Visit to register your team and submit your ideas.
  5. The submitted idea should include the following components: Problem + Industry + Technology Solution
  6. ex. We plan to build a software that uses object detection to help customers properly segregate trash in fast food chains and restaurants.

    1. Problem
      What type of problem are you trying to address?
      • Improper waste segregation
      • High carbon emissions
      • Overworked restaurant staff
    2. Industry
      Choose an industry sector that you’d like to partner with or that you think will benefit from your solution. This will be important throughout the competition because your team will be paired with industry leaders from that sector to help you build your technology solution:
      • Communications, Media & Technology
      • Financial Services
      • Health & Public Service
      • Products
      • Resources

      *Note: The PTF core team will have the authority to modify your team’s industry classification to ensure that all teams benefit from the industry experts they are paired up with.

    3. Technology Solution
      What are you going to build? What technologies are you going to utilize to build your prototype?
      • website / digital platform
      • software
      • apps
      • wearable
      • data analysis

  7. Deadline for submission of ideas is on April 12, 2019
  8. Note: Date may be changed without prior notice.

  1. The top 20 teams selected by the PTF Core Team will be invited to the Innovation Bootcamp on May 11.

    Note: Date may change without prior notice.

  2. The top 20 teams will each receive PhP 5,000 during the event. The amount will help fund their prototypes.
  3. During the event, each team will be assigned a mentor from Advanced Technology Centers in the Philippines (ATCP). These mentors will guide them throughout their PTF journey
  4. The teams will undergo a Design Thinking session to help them create their proofs of concept. They will then present these to the judges.
  5. The judges will deliberate and choose the top 10 teams that will move on to the finals.
  6. The top 10 teams will each receive Php 20,000 to further fund the completion of their prototypes.

Note: The PTF core team will decide if there is a need to conduct a separate Innovation Bootcamp at the Accenture facilities in Cebu for Visayas and Mindanao participants. If this happens, finalists in Cebu will fly to Manila to compete in the Final Round.

  1. Touchpoints: Mentors will reach out to the teams to schedule regular touchpoints to work on their respective prototype.
  2. Meeting schedules must be agreed upon by the mentors, students and their coach professor (if applicable).
  3. Workshop: PTF Core Team will schedule coding workshops for the teams to help build their prototype. These workshops may cover the following topics depending on the team requirements:
    - FED
    - Mobile Dev
    - Python
    - Data & Analytics
    - Blockchain
    - Machine Learning
  4. >

  5. Before the finals, teams will be given six weeks to:
    • Improve their tech solution, build a prototype and develop their idea pitch
    • Come up with a business case to maximize social impact
  6. Teams are expected to present their working prototypes during the Finals on June 29.

  1. During the finals, each team is expected to present a working prototype to the Accenture Technology judges. An external guest may be invited to be part of the panel of judges.
  2. Each team will present and demo their prototype to the judges. A total of 15 minutes will be given to each team, 7 minutes for their presentation and 8 minutes to answer questions from the judges.
  3. The PTF champion and special awardees will be announced at the close of the finals round.
  4. The decision of the judges will be final and irrevocable.

• Social Impact – 30%
• Use of emerging technology – 30%
• Uniqueness of idea – 20%
• Usability of solution – 20%


A write-up on the top 10 teams, and their stories and ideas will be published in an internal website of Accenture Technology. Employees will be asked to vote for their favorite idea. The team that generates the most votes will be declared the Accenture Favorite awardee and will receive Php 10,000 cash.

This award will be given to the idea in the Top 10 list that best exemplifies our Technology Vision 2019 and its trends. The judges will decide the winner of this award.

Top 10 Finalists – Php 20,000

Special Awards
Tech Vision 2019 Awardee – Php 50,000
Accenture Favorite - Php 10,000

Grand Champion
Grand Champion – Php 300,000
Grand Champion’s School – Php 50,000

Intellectual Property rights of the proposed innovative solutions will be owned by their respective student-proponents (or teams). The students will have sole discretion over further development and deployment of the app.

The company reserves the right to change these mechanics including the timelines at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised mechanics or timelines shall be posted on this website immediately.


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