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Accenture Data Challenge


Analyze publicly available data sets from Open Data Philippines and develop insight-driven strategies that can improve the way we work and live.

Your challenge is to use the data the best possible way to create or add value.

The competition will have three (3) categories:


Data Visualization


Predictive Model


Breakthrough Idea



Who should join this category?

If you’re keen on showcasing your creativity and storytelling skills, this category is for you. Show us how can you help others derive insights from complex data sets and present this information in a way that captures the interest and imagination of others


Your entry can come in different formats– from static images to Interactive web apps, graphic images, motion graphics or video. Please note that if you create an interactive app (JavaScript, flash, etc.) it must function in a normal browser environment (current versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and must be hosted on your own site.

Your entry should clearly and effectively tell the story behind the data and actionable insights.


Evaluation Criteria

Storytelling: 50%
Clarity: 20%
Relevance: 20%
Aesthetics: 10%


Grand Prize: PHP 40,000
Runner Up: PHP 15,000

Submit entries to and complete the registration form here.


Contestants can submit an entry for any or all three categories, but may only submit one entry per category. Contestants can submit entries to anytime during the competition but no later than February 28, 2018 and can officially register here.

The Accenture Data Challenge Core Committee will screen and evaluate all entries and choose the top fifteen (15) entries – five (5) for each category. The top fifteen (15) individuals or teams will be notified via e-mail and will be announced on social media on March 17, 2018.

All 15 finalists will be invited to present and defend their solutions before a panel of judges at the event. The grand winners will be announced at the end of the event. All registered contestants are automatically pre registered to the event, but will have to RSVP upon receipt of the event invite from the Data Challenge core team.