Our people demonstrate their dedication, resilience and commitment to our clients and creating shared success for all our stakeholders every day.

Caring for and sustaining our people

As a talent-led organization, the ingenuity and unique strengths of our people are our most important competitive advantage.

We are proud that our more than 624,000 people continue to deliver on our commitments to create value for our clients, people, partners and communities. And at one of the most challenging times in world history, we have emerged stronger.

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Accelerating a culture of equality

Our commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality is core to our values. We’re creating an equal culture for people of all abilities, ethnicities, gender, gender identities, gender expressions, religions and sexual orientations to thrive.

Inclusion & Diversity

Discover how we are creating a culture of equality in our workplace. Read more.

Ethnic and racial diversity

We are committed to equality for all, with zero tolerance for discrimination, bigotry or hate of any kind. Read more.

Gender equality

By 2025, we will achieve a gender-balanced workforce (for those whose gender is binary). Read more.

Mental health and wellness

We foster a workplace environment where people feel comfortable engaging in open, honest dialogue about mental illness and well-being. Read more.

Disability inclusion

We welcome people with different abilities and provide programs that allow persons with disabilities to succeed in a barrier-free workplace. Read more.


Ensuring an inclusive environment for all our people is a key part of our belief that equality drives innovation. Read more.

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Supporting our people’s resiliency and well-being

Our commitment to fostering a “Truly Human” environment took on greater meaning in 2020. It’s providing a roadmap and principles for helping our people to become even more resilient and to maintain and enhance their physical energy, mental focus, value and sense of purpose.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have created a number of initiatives and programs to help our people, including an innovative virtual program which helps manage stress and anxiety; shared best practices for working from home; and extended our benefits where possible, from back-up dependent and family care, to childcare discounts, education benefits, adoption assistance and more.

Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace

We ensure rigorous health and safety programs are in place for our people at our offices and client sites.

In 2020, we implemented a new, globally consistent Occupational Health and Safety policy. It reinforces our commitment to keeping our work environment healthy and safe for all our people and contractors. The policy drives compliance with applicable laws and encourages the adoption of health and safety management standards across Accenture.

Investing in our talented people

We are continually enhancing the capabilities of our people through training and on-the-job learning, providing them with the tools, skills and flexibility to pivot to new, advanced technologies and keep pace with the digital revolution.

When our people are equipped for success, they are fulfilled in their career journeys—and Accenture, our clients and our communities all benefit.

Continuous learning opportunities

We invest nearly $900 million annually in continuous learning and customized professional development to ensure that our people are highly relevant and have the skills to remain at the forefront of both technology and trends in specific industries.

We also invest in our people through our Performance Achievement experience, and during fiscal 2020 they provided 2.5 million instances of feedback to each other—critical to enabling a culture of performance.

Technology Quotient (TQ)

It is essential that our people have a solid grasp of the major technologies that we create, customize, consult on and deploy, such as cloud, AI and cybersecurity, and can share that knowledge easily and in plain language with their teams and clients alike.

So we introduced TQ, a new training program to make tech fluency table stakes for everyone.

Skilling and specialization at scale

Through our AI-powered Specialization at Scale program, we help our people identify their skills and specializations, and then match them with project leaders and career opportunities.

This robust and agile solution enhances the visibility of our people and helps ensure that the right team, with the right skills, is always ready to serve our clients.

Unlocking human ingenuity for our clients

In these unprecedented times, businesses are working together at record speed and scale to take on the enormous challenges that now touch everyone, everywhere.

While many leaders believe innovative technology is the answer, we know its only part of the solution, with the most successful organizations elevating their people and harnessing human potential to create sustainable competitive advantage.


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