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Tessa: AI chatbot helping out-of-school youth

Meet DJ, the User Experience Designer behind TESSA—an AI-enabled chatbot built to engage out-of-school Filipino youth like a peer. Its highly humane and empathic features assist them in seeking skills upgrade and employment.

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Case studies

Accenture helped develop a digital system that makes national health records available when and where they’re needed by clinicians and patients alike.

With Accenture, Italy's largest retailer was able to blend new digital capabilities to the store environment to create the Supermarket of the Future.

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Transforming the flight experience

Edwin, an #AccenturePH Software Engineer Consultant led the way to a responsive, easy-to-use and integrated website for Philippine Airlines that resulted in an 80% increase in users and an excellent flight experience even before take-off.

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Ready, set, games!

Find hidden objects in a 360° virtual tour of the Accenture Liquid Studio in Manila to discover innovations we’re driving and learn about the different Accenture Architectures that help us in improving the way the world works and lives.

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Rappler | Accenture : See the new, now

Taking a closer look at today’s digital technology

How are we keeping up with the rapid pace of today’s innovations in technology?

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Bitten by the travel bug

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A positive look at a tech-driven future

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Tech for a good cause

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