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Driving growth and high performance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Improving lead disposition by 30%, sales conversion rates by 20%, and increasing premium value by 50% while saving our client millions


The client is a leading provider of insurance products for families and individuals in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The insurer has millions of active policies in North America and millions of customers worldwide.

Working with Avanade, an Accenture majority owned company, we helped the client increase lead disposition rates by more than 30 percent, sales conversion rates by approximately 20 percent and annualized premium value by approximately 50 percent in some territories.

As a result of more efficient customer relationship processes, the insurer expects to save more than $3 million per year, primarily by reducing paperwork.

Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft helped a leading insurance company increase its annual premium value by approximately 50 % and potentially save $3 million per year.


The insurer identified several challenges that threatened to dampen the customer experience and diminish its operational efficiency, workforce productivity and new member sales. The main culprits included cumbersome paper-based processes. It often took a month or longer to deliver leads to the sales force. The company also lacked visibility into its lead-distribution pipeline and activities, and integrity of data in its core back-end systems. These issues had already contributed to a lower issuance rate for underwritten policies and were cumulatively costing the company millions in lost revenue each year.

To overcome these challenges and improve its sales and marketing performance, the company decided it was time for a new customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing platform. It was particularly interested in a solution that would introduce mobile functionality to help drive growth. The insurer turned to Accenture to help find a platform that would deliver results most effectively.

The main culprits challenging the insurer’s performance: cumbersome paper-based processes.


Accenture started with a proof-of-concept project focused on tracking lead distribution activities via SMS text messaging. Ultimately, the insurer selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to enable its agents to follow up on leads and convert them to sales.

To architect the new CRM platform and integrate it with the insurer's back-end systems, Accenture worked with Avanade, a joint venture company of Accenture and Microsoft, to help the client maximize their Microsoft investments. Together, the team launched the "eAgent" program. The solution involved piloting the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform with automated lead assignment, route mapping and appointment management. The team also deployed Microsoft Windows 7 tablets with tools such as a rate calculator, offline agent portals and an automated leads solution to approximately 60 agents.

To reduce paperwork, the team supplied agents with Microsoft tablets equipped with rate calculators, agent portals and an automated leads solution.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM boosted the timeliness and efficiency of lead distribution, improved discipline among agents in pursuing those leads and increased disposition information management. Specifically, lead disposition rates increased by more than 30 percent, sales conversion rates jumped by approximately 20 percent, and annualized premium value rose by approximately 50 percent in some territories.

The solution is expected to save the insurer more than $3 million annually, thanks largely to reduced paperwork. Perhaps most important, the solution positions the insurer to process applications more quickly, boost sales and improve the customer experience. With these benefits, the insurer will have made the new and innovative eAgent solution a critical component of its strategy for growth and high performance.