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Coop Italia: E-Commerce sales channel for new business

Coop Italia collaborated with Accenture to help launch a new non-food business and online sales channel, attracting more than 700,000 unique monthly visitors after the first year.


Together, Accenture and Coop Italia:

  • Designed the website interface

  • Created a web platform and integrated it with Coop’s ERP system and third-party suppliers

Coop Italia wanted to expand their brand in the marketplace and enter new sales channels to capture more market share.

Coop collaborated with Accenture to help define their new online non-food business and create the e-commerce sales channel for six of its main cooperatives and 135 points of sale.


The Accenture team helped Coop:

  • Establish simplified back-end and front-end processes for e-commerce

  • Design a website interface

  • Create and integrate a new web platform

  • Develop new tools to handle customer service, category management, pricing and promotions

We also helped Coop set up a business unit to manage its new e-commerce business, creating a new commercial model structure. As part of that work, the team assisted in evaluating and selecting third-party suppliers.


After three months of operation, the online sales channel drew more than 700,000 unique visitors each month. In addition, approximately 200,000 members registered for an e-newsletter to learn about discounts and promotions.

The new sales channel has helped Coop:

  • Enhance brand recognition and performance in the Italian retail market

  • Extend their range of products and market share

  • Deepen customer loyalty