Content management utility for UBS

Swiss bank UBS partners with Accenture and Swisscom on a scalable operating model paired with a tailored platform for best-in-class marketing operations.


The communication paradigm has shifted from analog to digital. This revolutionary change has outpaced the evolution of organizational setups and infrastructures still present in most companies. Effectiveness and speed are key to serving the new digital reality.

Global Swiss bank UBS, world’s largest wealth manager, is partnering with Accenture and Swisscom on a scalable operating model paired with a tailored platform for best-in-class marketing operations.

Transformational Marketing for UBS

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Business Challenge

The Communications & Branding department of UBS runs two of the most important digital channels: and the company intranet.

UBS initiated its journey to digital marketing excellence by centralizing multiple fragmented applications into one strategic platform. UBS also piloted its transformational journey by installing an off-shore delivery model for a smaller, but important communications and branding function.

Fragmented media monitoring has been transformed into an integrated and industrialized shared-service utility that is operated from near- and off-shore locations, leveraging fully digitized processes. To accelerate the required business transformation, UBS designed and later implemented a scalable operating model.

Driven by this early foundation, UBS decided that its digital communication channels must take the next steps toward cost efficient delivery and scalability, while continuing to be compliant with increasing global and local regulations.

Next-gen Marketing Operating Model for UBS

Learn how Accenture helped UBS with a next-generation marketing operating model that included an off-shore social and editorial media monitoring utility.


Accenture partnered with UBS and successfully designed and delivered a next-generation marketing operating model. Alongside, Accenture implemented an off-shore social and editorial media monitoring utility.

As a next step, both parties decided to engage in a journey jointly implementing a multi-layer operating model with a one-stop-shop “concierge desk” as the pivotal entry point for internal and external marketing and communication topics.

For the implementation, Accenture drew on the regulatory and hosting expertise of Swiss telecommunications and data center provider Swisscom. Jointly, the two designed the new infrastructure for UBS’ digital platform and integrated the multi-tower outsourcing package as one managed service, providing marketing operations hosted on Swisscom’s private data cloud.

"We [UBS] implemented a next-generation marketing operating model with a scalable marketing operations platform that serves as a one-stop shop for all digital marketing needs – and we relied on Accenture’s marketing and industry expertise and the Adobe Marketing Cloud to make it work."

Managing Director Communication & Branding

High Performance Delivered

The digital production and content services under this engagement combine Accenture’s industry, functional, and outsourcing expertise to deliver robust digital, marketing and technology capabilities.

The new Accenture-managed service will be more agile with shorter release cycles and faster times-to-market. It will also create better brand consistency, higher efficiency, and increased visibility into budget and spend as well as reduced regulatory compliance risks.

"By reallocating efficiencies into growth drivers such as more tailored marketing messaging or increased media placements, we can help drive the top-line revenue growth agenda of our bank."

Group Head of Communications and Branding