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Downtime? Not an option. Spreadsheets? Been there, done that. Third-party plug-ins? Your business evolves before they even launch. And don’t even mention the need to mine analytics for insights and generate reports.

You need a faster, safer, more cost-effective way to work.

That’s where we come in.


Billions of pieces of content are shared and stored across the Internet every day. And behind those videos, photos, stories, articles and posts is a myriad of processes and people responsible for keeping the wheels turning across the globe. Manual processes are error-prone, inefficient and expensive, and most off-the-shelf systems are insufficient to handle large-scale capacity and fast growth.

The Accenture Webscale Platform is our proven, cloud-based solution that helps platform companies deliver a faster, safer and more engaging experience for their customers. Our Accenture Security and GDPR-compliant system provides single sign-on access and integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and processes.


The Accenture Webscale Platform functions with existing applications or on its own, with an applied intelligence layer over core process modules such as Intelligent Workforce, Workflow, Demand Forecasting and Platform Analytics. With the Accenture Webscale Platform, managers can efficiently and securely take control of enterprise operations and evaluate needs, saving man-hours and eliminating the risk of delivery failure to users, customers, subscribers or partners by not being prepared.

Accenture Webscale Platform modules:

The Accenture Webscale Platform can help you:

  • Amp up the power of existing application ecosystems with the Accenture Webscale Platform’s customizable Workflow Engine

  • Plug & play with third party moderation engines

  • Shield your platform and end users from malware-laden content with our proprietary Intelligent Content Analyzer (ICA)

  • Reduce duplication and management time with a consolidated view

  • Track and improve agent quality assurance performance with Agent Assist AI and toolsets

  • Increase team efficiency and collaboration

  • Integrate the tracking of vendors, contractors and FTEs

  • Smoothly execute onboarding or training

  • Proactively provide employee assistance and support with smart engagement features

We’re in it for the long haul. As you look to better manage and take control of platform operations, Accenture is your partner to help you navigate the transformation from inefficient to indispensable.