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Accenture ports solution

Accenture Port Solutions helps optimize ports operations and enables terminal operators handle more capacity with less infrastructure and associated cost.


Accenture Port Solutions is a portfolio of technology systems, as well as consulting and outsourcing services, built on our vast industry knowledge and experience with leading ports and transportation providers worldwide.

To survive and thrive in today’s highly dynamic economic environment, ports need to have operational efficiency, collaborate with various players across the global supply chain and adapt to the changing needs of customers. This is especially true for emerging markets such as China and India.

Why Accenture

At the core of Accenture Port Solutions is a suite of solutions designed for agile port operations—the ability to handle higher capacity with less infrastructure and associated cost. The solutions address three key areas of port operations:

  • Terminal enterprise process: Creates better visibility into operations by applying knowledge of enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation and understanding of pain points. The end result: greater efficiency at lower cost, laying the foundation for future expansion.

  • Terminal operations: Helps with supply chain integration, forecasting capability improvement and hotspot management, and provides flexibility in workforce and equipment deployment.

  • Terminal performance: Helps establish a performance management framework that delivers profitability analysis and multidimensional cost review capabilities.

Specific Services

Accenture Port Solutions reflect our understanding of the challenges that terminal operators and port authorities face. Our services include:

  • Strategy: We leverage our in-depth consulting experience and proprietary High Performance Business research to help companies stay ahead of the competition by providing market-entry assessments; advice on restructuring and investing to boost performance; and help in areas such as e-commerce, financial performance management and operational assessments.

  • Technology: Accenture helps companies with technology strategy and large-scale implementation of ERP and terminal operations software. We have also designed a terminal performance management system to help port authorities identify value-creation opportunities.

  • Operations: We offer a vast portfolio of services that enable us to handle back-office functions such as finance, procurement and information technology. Our Accenture Delivery Centers allows us to create flexible and scalable offshore solutions to address market challenges effectively.