Divestitures and Carve-Outs

Keeping your business portfolio current and strategically “fit”

Mergers and acquisitions are not the only ways of generating new business value and enhancing competitive positioning. Executing deals on the “sell” side—divestitures of selected assets—also can be part an important part of a company’s growth strategy. Divestitures and carve-outs can help companies effectively tailor their portfolio of businesses and raise capital for acquisitions in markets and businesses that have greater strategic appeal.

Accenture Strategy helps companies throughout the entire divestiture process, from conception through separation. Our comprehensive methodology and related assets help companies to develop the right divestiture strategy, and help implement that strategy faster, with less risk, and with a clearer focus on shareholder results.

Key divestiture and carve-out strategy activities we support:

  • Assessing the buyer universe and how that impacts the NewCo’s scope and strategy

  • Determining the right sale approach (e.g., auction, exclusive or IPO) and the value criteria

  • Setting the direction for the carve-out program (e.g., portfolio rationale, NewCo scope and timeline) and short-term investments to prepare for separation

  • Planning the separation, including key activities and high-level timeline

Key execution activities we support:

  • Delivering vital elements of the operational separation (e.g., asset and employee transfer, support function set-up, and TSAs)

  • Creating functional infrastructure appropriate to the disposal (depending whether trade sale or fully independent) including re-platforming where value creating

  • Managing and supporting key components of the sale process including information memorandum/ prospectus, management presentations, vendor due diligence, data room.

Key transition activities we support:

  • Helping ensure the NewCo is a fully functional, stand-alone entity with TSAs successfully phased out

  • Conducting a structured clean-up of the ParentCo to eliminate stranded costs