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Marketing business process services

Transform your digital strategy into a high performance, sustainable marketing machine with Marketing Business Process Services.

Accelerate the Digital Marketing Journey

While digital technology is creating massive opportunities, it is also leading to fractures in the marketing function. Our research shows that the majority of marketers are still in the early stages of their journey to find the right digital formula. That is where we can help.

Today, marketers face four major challenges in digital operations. First, they must contend with gaps in talent, capacity, governance models and integrated processes. These gaps prevent them from developing the essentials to coordinate substantial, high-quality content across multiple platforms.

Next, marketers lack many of the processes to manage and execute digital projects at scale. The result—delays, cost overruns and missed revenue opportunities.

The third challenge for marketers today involves insufficient capacity to track activity accurately, especially when connecting various consumer touchpoints across one digital ecosystem.

And fourth, the majority of marketing departments struggle to keep pace with constantly evolving technology—and the capacity to deliver on short notice.

In other words, today’s marketing function must be broad, lean and agile.

Marketing at the core

It’s time to transform your digital operations into a high-performance, sustainable marketing machine. To operate a marketing function at today’s pace and breadth, you must deliver personalized customer experiences, which will ultimately accelerate your business growth.

We are unequaled in our position to help you achieve a digital model with more certainty, at a faster pace and within budget—all under one roof.

Our unparalleled assets include:

  • A global production suite across multiple languages and time zones

  • Centers of excellence comprising professionals with proven success in leading content platforms

  • Deep experience based on work for more than 100 clients

  • Broad experience and skills in critical digital disciplines such as search, campaigns, social media and analytics

  • Refined processes and leading practices across industries

  • Visual dashboards that offer management and leadership a 360-degree view

  • More than 6,000 marketing professionals across the globe

  • More than 24 digital innovation centers, and access to world-class user experience and mobile designers

Specific marketing services

We offer a full suite of digital marketing services—from analytics to content management:

Digital, Customer and Marketing Analytics

Digital, Customer and Marketing Analytics

Determining marketing ROI, creating marketing segmentation and discerning customers’ likelihood to respond to marketing strategies



Managing digital content from development to production, ensuring it is displayed on the right Web page or mobile app at the right time



Delivering direct marketing capabilities for outbound communications to customers and prospects across digital channels, from email to social to mobile



Spanning social media and search engine marketing, curating content and monitoring social channels and sites at scale, in multiple languages

Media Management

Media Management

Offering a suite of media solutions to optimize media performance, reporting and decision support

Deliver outcomes

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Mark Hosbein

Pepsi, Nabisco, Time Warner, Nielsen and now Marketing Business Process Services for Accenture

“There is a new approach to running a digital marketing operation, and we intend to lead the way there.”