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Life Insurance

We help insurers cut costs, manage risk and drive growth through digital innovation, platform modernization, and improved distribution and marketing.


Many life insurers are turning to Accenture for help in exploiting the potential of digital technologies to make customers the pivot of their businesses and to aim for growth and operational excellence.

We believe carriers can create economic value by reviewing and updating their business and operating models to take full advantage of new opportunities such as connected insurance, the power of analytics and ecosystems. Simply digitizing existing processes is not enough.

Accenture is an industry leader in helping develop and implement a comprehensive Digital Insurer strategy. Within this broad role, our specific areas of focus are included below:

Specific Services
Accenture’s key Life Insurance services include:

“Connected insurance is just one example of the new digital trends that have the potential to disrupt the life industry. Insurers that are quick to respond to these opportunities will find ample potential for growth.”

Global Life Insurance Lead

Why Accenture

For more than 30 years, Accenture has worked closely with many of the world's leading life and annuity insurers. We collaborate with our clients to help them plan and implement the complex business and operational changes needed to achieve high performance in a volatile market.

  • Experience. We have worked with industry leaders for more than 30 years. We work with 9 of the top 10 and 26 of the top 30 life insurers.

  • Top insurance and digital talent. We have 13,000 insurance resources who specialize in customer strategy, marketing and digital processes, marketing operations and customer data management. We also have 25,000 resources who help our clients design and deliver the best in customer relationship management, analytics, digital and mobile services.

  • Global network of centers of excellence. Accenture has a global network of 40+ industry and technology specific innovation centers.

  • Growing ecosystem. Accenture has alliances with the leading software providers and continues to make strategic acquisitions to boost its own capabilities. Recent acquisitions include avVenta, Acquity and Fjord.

  • Full-service offering. Accenture offers a complete range of services, from pure consulting to implementation and ongoing managed services. This allows you to access new capabilities at scale and at speed “as-a-Service.” The Accenture Life Insurance Platform is a trusted pre-integrated software suite used by more than 40 leading life insurers and annuity carriers worldwide.

  • Innovative commercial arrangements. Accenture focuses on outcomes, and will structure a deal to suit your needs, from a traditional fee for service to a gain-share arrangement that is linked to performance improvement. Our managed services can also be structured around a fee for each transaction.

  • Extensive and growing intellectual capital. We undertake research and benchmarking exercises to identify trends and give our clients practical road maps for turning opportunities into profitable growth. We understand the stages in the journey toward digital maturity, and have begun to quantify each value lever.

Industry Insights

How Insurers can seize the opportunities of digital transformation

The Accenture Digital Innovation Survey includes​​ 141 C-level executives charged with driving their companies' digital agendas. Among the key findings is that there is a clear divide between "Digital Followers" and "Digital Transformers". While Digital Followers invest in digital technologies to enhance discrete functions, processes and products, with the primary aim of improving efficiency, Digital Transformers' strategies span the value chain and seek entirely new ways of generating value for customers—and growth for themselves. Additionally, the survey data shows that the overwhelming majority of insurers believe that digital technologies are changing the fundamentals of the industry.

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Expect a major
of the insurance
value chain

within the next
5 years

Feel that digitalization is changing customer expectations (84%) and that new technologies will radically change traditional practices (80%)

Agree that digital technologies will transform the way they interact with their customers (82%) and use their channels (72%)

Think existing
insurers will
lose some
as a
result of

Believe they will be challenged by online service providers such as Google or Amazon (59%) and aggregators (57%) in the distribution space

Latest Thinking

Client Case Studies


Daniele Presutti
Global Life Insurance Lead

Daniele Presutti is the market group leader for Accenture Insurance in Italy, Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Greece and the Middle East, and is the managing director of Accenture Life Insurance Business Services. He also has extensive experience in client relationship management, cost and benefit analyses, transformation and change strategies, and more. Daniele joined Accenture in 1987.

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Brian DeMaster
Managing Director, Accenture

Brian DeMaster is a senior executive in Accenture Insurance industry group with over 17 years of experience working with life and annuity clients on a variety of projects. He has held a series of roles in management consulting, technology delivery, client account leadership and life practice leadership. He is responsible for Accenture's North America life insurance business services and as the account lead for several North America Life Insurance clients.

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