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Digital PLM Services

Our Digital PLM Services help clients leverage the power of social, mobility, analytics and cloud to develop differentiating products and services.

Accenture helps companies seize the opportunity presented by digital technologies, providing analytics based portfolio optimization, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in the cloud, and solutions for virtual prototyping and 3D printing among other digital capabilities.

Digital PLM Services helps clients achieve market growth and desired client outcomes by:

  • Leveraging the Accenture Performance Optimizer; providing analytics based portfolio optimization

  • Enabling open innovation and crowd sourcing platforms to mine and manage data

  • Modernizing infrastructure in the Cloud

  • Supporting rapid prototyping and digital mock-ups in virtual environments

  • Understanding the business challenges and opportunities in 3D printing

  • Managing voluminous product data for analysis and insight back into product design

PLM Digital Offerings

  • PLM Analytics & Insight

  • PLM in the Cloud

  • Virtual Prototyping / Simulation

  • 3D Printing