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Accenture credit services: Residential mortgage default servicing

Helping mortgage providers improve default servicing and comply with government and investor requirements.


Record-breaking delinquency rates, foreclosures and bankruptcies are placing unprecedented pressures on servicers. Now, in addition to keeping operating costs under control and delivering top customer service, mortgage service providers must find ways to improve default servicing and comply with a growing number of government and investor requirements.

Accenture Default Services include:

  • Emerging Markets to Emerging Markets (E2E) Loss Mit Waterfall

  • Collections/Repayment

  • Credit Counseling

  • Loan Mod FF/Short Sales FF

  • Bankruptcy/Foreclosure (BK/FC) Attorney FF Services

  • BK/FC Servicer FF and PAN Management

  • Claims Processing

  • Loss Mitigation Eligibility Quality Assurance (QA), e.g. Income Calc

  • Servicer Compliance Lookback/Forensics

In combination with new regulatory and compliance mandates, servicers must have their processes highly controlled and standardized. Accenture works with servicers to create standards and accountability metrics to comply with regulations. In addition, we work with our clients to create unique tracking capabilities, which can be sent to regulatory bodies quickly and efficiently.


Specific Services

Accenture collaborates with the nation’s largest servicers to identify and implement innovative solutions. Our combination of processing capabilities, consulting services and technology solutions are helping servicers survive and thrive in today’s complex real estate environment.

Processing Capabilities

Accenture helps residential mortgage servicers aggressively work through their ongoing backlog of delinquent mortgages, while efficiently complying with the increasing number of government requirements and investor mandates. Our processing services include:

  • End-to-end primary loan servicing support

  • Collections

  • Modification fulfillment

  • Bankruptcy/foreclosure

  • REO services

  • Claims processing and loss analysis

  • Property preservation and management

  • Repurchase/rebuttal due diligence

  • Servicemen Civil Relief Act (SCRA) eligibility audits

  • End-to-end home retention and liquidation services (includes HAMP modifications, traditional modifications, short sale and deed-in-lieu)


Accenture has been working with the top servicers to overhaul their processes and systems in light of recent regulatory mandates (e.g., single-point-of-contact requirements). Our consulting services include:

  • Target operating model design (collections through bankruptcy/ foreclosure)

  • Default management operations assessment and re-engineering

  • Residential mortgage learning development and policy/procedure definition

  • Outsourcing strategy


Accenture‘s technology solutions are helping top servicers refresh their legacy systems, infuse new analytical tools and transform their overall operations. Our services cover:

  • Default management systems analysis, design and installation

  • Federal consent order technology revitalization

Accenture’s technology capabilities can also help control costs, reduce risk and improve operational effectiveness in areas outside of credit.