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As-a-Service: The Asia Pacific Advantage

Asia Pacific buyers are ahead of their Western competitors in terms of As-a-Service investments and adoption. What do they know that their counterparts don’t?


It’s no secret that companies are changing the way they buy and receive services to support their business operations. 

After all, traditional “lift-and-shift” approaches lost their luster years ago. Today’s executives aren’t simply looking only for the most cost-effective way to get the technology they need, when they need it; they also want measurable business outcomes.

What savvy leaders already know is that when it comes to this As-a-Service approach, they don’t need to settle for just on-demand software or infrastructure—they can get everything. It’s an entirely new service economy, with vast potential for transformative outcomes.

So why has one region in the world, Asia Pacific, been leading the charge to embrace the As-a-Service model?


The “As-a-service” model is capable of delivering truly transformational outcomes… that go way beyond just on-demand software and infrastructure. Our research shows over 60% of enterprise service buyers in the region view As-a-Service as critical to their success.
Anoop Sagoo

Anoop Sagoo

Anoop Sagoo leads Accenture Operations in the Asia Pacific region. He is based in Singapore.

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The East/West Divide

Western companies are:

Concerned that they will not be able to deliver value with the same agility and cost effectiveness as APAC

More tied to existing legacy technology due to extensive previous investment

Asia Pacific companies are:

2x more likely to implement the As-a-Service sourcing approach than their Western peers

More willing to invest in the technology that is necessary to leverage the As-a-Service model

Embracing the As-a-Service approach

Executives who want to move toward As-a-Service should consider four key principles.

Embracing the As-a-Service approach can enable companies to nurture innovation and renew the abilities of their support functions to move at the pace of an industry like mining, which can experience high levels of variability.
Flexibility icon


Allows volume based pricing with no minimum commitments
Future icon

Future protection

Enables As-a-Service offerings to keep buyers up to date
Ecosystem icon

Ecosystem leadership

Ensures that all the moving pieces of the different partnerships are working together
Innovation icon


Takes advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) Networks, analytics capabilities and connected platforms

Your next steps

To reap the benefits of As-a-Service, service buyers in all parts of the world need to think like entrepreneurs, view all parts of their business and processes through an As-a-Service lens, and identify where and how to begin the transformation of their legacy models. Leaders should also consider the following:

Next Steps Enginner icon

Engineer a mind-set change

Next Steps Re-think icon

Rethink your partnerships

Define the outcome you seek

Pursue talent

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