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Aerospace and defense security

Read how Accenture Aerospace and Defense Security services provide solutions that safeguards information security, cyber security, identities, people and property.


As the world becomes more connected, federal, defense and intelligence agencies, along with industry, face ever-increasing opportunities and threats. Top level decision makers process complex interconnected data daily. It is critical that this information is both secure, yet accessible in real time. Leaders require systems that both protect confidential data, yet facilitate its timely delivery to those who need it most. Accenture has worked for more than 30 years to verify that clients are protected from a range of threats through effective information security solutions.

  • Cyber Security
    According to US AirForce Cyber Commands Airman 1st Class Anthony Jennings, the US Airforce is hit an average of 10 000 times a day in cyberspace. As a significant cyber attack could rival 9/11 in damages, Accenture can help government agencies and stakeholders improve their information security while also providing quick access to that same data.

  • Physical Access.
    Accenture maintains that controlling physical access to systems and data should form a top security priority. Access to networks, applications and resources and can no longer rely on physical, perimeter security alone.

  • Network Security.
    Large and diverse user bases need to be managed securely. The identity and access management solution helps protect networks by providing a single sign-on to applications and quick, secure access that is removed immediately when an individual leaves an organization or changes roles.

  • Multilevel Security.
    Accenture’s Multi-Layer Access Solution provides personnel an innovative and authorized way to selectively share sensitive or classified data, both in warfare and in business.

Why Accenture

Accenture understands the importance of making information available in real time. From defending military bases and preventing cyber and network attacks to protecting identities, Accenture provides solutions that safeguard networks, information, identities, people and property.

  • Accenture takes a holistic view of security, believing that only by looking at all dimensions of security can an organisation feel confident in its operational integrity.

  • Accenture provides more than 30 years of experience helping clients tailor advanced security solutions for their unique needs.

  • Accenture’s technology and business capabilities extend to more than 150 market leaders and innovators, to provide clients industry-leading specialised skills and solutions.

Specific Services

Our approach to Aerospace and Defense security is:

  • Innovative
    Accenture helps clients design information security strategies using existing assets.

  • Flexible
    Accenture gives clients increased IT flexibility, scalability, predictability and security without losing command of IT performance.

  • Pragmatic
    Accenture understands that security is not about building walls, but about building relationships, collaborating with clients to secure data and protect identities.