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Accenture and Intel

Bringing differentiated Internet of Things, analytics and hybrid cloud solutions to enterprises around the world


Accenture and Intel are leaders in delivering digital and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enterprise customers around the world. Through our strategic ecosystem relationship, Accenture and Intel help companies realize the full potential from digital technologies utilizing the world class assets, capabilities and immense global resources of our combined organizations. Specifically, we draw upon Intel's extensive range of software and hardware assets and Accenture's complementary vertical assets, IoT and analytics platforms and specialized integration capabilities.

Learn more about Accenture and Intel and our areas of collaboration:

Internet of Things

Applied Intelligence

Accenture and Intel offer scalable and secure enterprise solutions optimized for big data, storage and analytics that help enterprises increase performance and their competitive edge with integrated offerings and Intel hardware. Key features include the ability to connect to a variety of data sources including big and small, external and enterprise, perform real-time analysis and data visualization, and boost data processing through distributed data storage and parallel computing optimized for Intel hardware.


Powerful examples of our combined analytics capabilities featuring Intel technology are the Accenture Cyber Intelligence Platform and the Accenture Insights Platform.

  • Accenture Cyber Intelligence Platform (ACIP) takes the best of artificial intelligence and machine learning and couples that with operational analytics to deliver near real-time security awareness across a customer's infrastructure.

  • Accenture Insights Platform (AIP) provides a turn-key solution for enterprises that allows organizations to get actionable insights and business outcomes quickly and efficiently with a competitive, flexible commercial model.




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