Five things you need to think about right now:

  1. ‘Citizen AI.’
  2. Extended Reality.
  3. The Importance of Trust.
  4. Frictionless Business.
  5. The ‘Internet of Thinking.’

These are the critical themes identified in the Accenture Technology Vision for 2018. What do they mean for your organization? How can you put them to work for you? Can they help you grow revenue? What role is Pega playing? We explore the answers in a brief and provocative interview series with Pegasystems CTO, Don Schuerman.

Accenture Technology Vision 2018 for Pega

One of the lessons of Tech Vision 2018 is that it’s no longer just business. Now, it’s personal. It’s about establishing trust, gaining insight and establishing deep, lasting connections.

Five themes for 2018 and beyond

  1. In ‘Citizen AI,’ the subject is ‘raising’ AI to be a good citizen: Teaching it to do the right thing, free of bias, focused on partnering with people to elevate our performance. Pega’s transparent AI, and the ability to bring AI to employees and customers across every channel, makes Pega an ideal partner in this drive toward good citizenship.

Technology Vision 2018 for Pega

Accenture's video discusses the role that AI plays within Pega and why it is critical that AI becomes a partner to humans. See more.

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  1. Think about Extended Reality as the end of distance and the beginning of many possibilities. Pega and Accenture see extended reality not just as special-glasses-for-gaming, but as a way to use our present devices to open new ways to connect with customers. It can and will enhance training, make employees more effective and please customers.

Technology Vision 2018 for Pega: Extended Reality

Accenture's David Steuer discusses the importance of connecting with customers across channels where technology plugs seamlessly into their experiences, even with enhanced reality. See more.

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  1. Call it Data Veracity if you like, but in the end, everything we do will come back to the importance of trust. That means your data must be beyond reproach, the same as your AI. As a protector, governor and consumer of data, Pega brings experience and commitment to the cause of trust.

Technology Vision 2018 for Pega: Data Veracity

Accenture's David Steuer discusses the importance of trusted data from an artificial intelligence perspective, and how Pega is helping organizations obtain the right data. See more.

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"Pega is for many organizations both a protector and a governor of data"

– DON SCHUERMAN, Pegasystems CTO

  1. Leaders like Pega compel companies to ask, “What does the customer really want?” When we’re applying for a loan, a Frictionless Business approach can use AI to connect the data and processes to make it much easier – anticipating the information that’s needed and proactively supplying it, in effect filling in those painful forms for us. But … is a loan what we really want in the end? No. We want the home it can buy. That thinking opens up new worlds around partnering, from home furnishing retailers to insurance providers – with Blockchain, AI and Pega’s Case Management solutions playing important roles.

Technology Vision 2018 for Pega: Frictionless Business

Accenture's David Steuer discusses the power of partnerships and how Pega is enabling organizations to develop end-to-end experiences.. See more.

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  1. Adding intelligence and collaborative action to the Internet of Things – that’s the Internet of Thinking. When Pega’s central brain (AI) connects with IoT devices, customers become delighted with their service, maintenance is performed on time and proactive efficiency reigns. This is where Pega’s core capabilities around real-time decision making become extremely valuable.

Technology Vision 2018 for Pega: Internet of Thinking

Accenture's David Steuer discusses how Pega is providing businesses with a central intelligence hub to enable personalized experiences. See more.

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Whatever changes the future presents, Accenture and Pega will be continuing to help organizations adapt, innovate and transform.

David Steuer

Managing Director


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