What does it
mean to be a
Living Business?



In Brief


94% of high performers believe relevant, innovative design is crucial to business success, compared to 68% of all respondents.


Living Businesses know that the decisions they make when going to market are dependent on their ability to meet evolving customer expectations.


The win lies in finding the right balance, by designing and delivering products and services that respond in real time to customers’ evolving needs.

Design Products and Services as Hyper-Relevant Platforms

As a business, look at your products, services, and experiences through the lens of your customer, and then design accordingly. Should your product development focus on bringing flashy and alluring products to market? Or, do you instead develop products that are staid, but practical?

Living Businesses know that when bringing a product to market, it’s not so black and white—there are always situations that will influence their strategy. They know how to identify evolving customer expectations. They know when to act on insights derived from rich consumer data, to develop compelling new experiences based on consumer behavior. And, they know success comes from finding the right balance, and ways to deliver outcomes in real time based on actual customer needs.

When you prioritize design to meet evolving customer needs, you reap the benefits of becoming a continuously innovative and relevant organization that stays in step with consumers—and a step ahead of the competition.

Among high performers:

were more likely to have grown through innovation in areas beyond their core business.

are planning to invest more in growing through areas beyond their core business in the coming three years, compared with just 58% of all other respondents.

Living Proof: Achmea Holding N.V.

Dutch insurer, Achmea Holding N.V., is targeting an underserved market segment—low-income households—by offering a product explicitly designed for them, to provide safety and improve their neighborhoods, by preventing or reducing damage from fires and burglaries.

Specifically, Achmea has developed and piloted a peer-to-peer alarm platform that makes it easier for neighbors, friends and family members to find out when there is a potential problem near them, reach one another, and help each other out. The platform works by connecting a variety of home security solutions, including Chuango, to messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

With initial, positive results (in declining claims from those participating, and from social housing corporations in the target area), Achmea is now planning to scale this to more households within the next several years.

LIVING PROOF: Telefónica

In today’s disruptive telco market, where retaining subscribers while attracting new customers is key to remaining competitive, Telefónica wanted to become a telco of the future through digital transformation.

Accenture helped the brand reimagine their experience with a customer-centric mindset.

To get started, we analyzed the customer and prospect digital sales journey, which revealed a strong opportunity to optimize Telefónica’s digital marketing and online sales capabilities. We then designed a secure digital environment that helps them anticipate customer expectations and adapt to an ever-changing market, resulting in highly personalized products and experiences.

End-to-end digital analytics have helped to increase insight, allowing Telefónica to convert leads into sales more efficiently, improving every aspect of the entire customer journey. Through use of digital assistant platforms and call center support, Telefónica is now equipped with the digital technologies and understanding required to unlock sustainable growth for years to come.

Today, Telefónica is powered by state-of-the-art service and web design, plus advanced data analytics, and the company offers a relevant, consistent and personalized customer experience. The transformation has reduced acquisition costs; increased website visits—particularly from new customers; and driven brand growth, generating more than one million digital purchases. By continuously adapting to the evolving needs of their customers, Telefónica now has what it takes to enjoy continued success in one of the most disruptive markets on the planet today.