In brief

In brief

  • Rapidly evolving digital technologies and rising customer expectations mean traditional supply chain models are becoming obsolete.
  • The transition to SAP S/4HANA is the ideal opportunity to catalyze change by reorienting linear supply chains around customers’ real-time needs.
  • A customer-centric transformation creates a dynamic value network, accelerated time to market, greater agility, and differentiated experiences.
  • We share how SAP solutions support customer-centricity throughout the value chain and the transformational journey companies need to undertake.

Digital technology is disrupting everything

Disruption is creating new challenges and growth is now about outsmarting the competition through speed and hyper-relevance—enhancing both customer experience and customer loyalty. It’s about developing the intelligence and agility to continuously adapt the whole value chain to what customers expect today—and what they’ll want tomorrow.

Supply chain leaders are central to this endeavor and can drive new business value and growth—providing it is entirely focused on hyper-relevance and customer value. However, today’s outdated supply chain models mean opportunities for improvement, optimization and innovation are being missed.

Demand for digitally enabled supply chains


of supply chain executives believe customer expectations demand a flexible network.


of supply chain leaders see the supply chain as an enabler of growth.


of supply chain leaders believe big data, computing, AI and IoT can enable real-time supply chain operations.


of supply chain leaders believe they are already investing in big data and analytics.

Survival of the smartest with SAP

The transition to SAP S/4HANA® presents the ideal opportunity to put this right, by transforming the supply chain and reorienting your whole business around the customer. SAP has been digitally transforming its solutions and technologies to enable you to run your organization in real time, improving business outcomes through collaboration, streamlined efficiency and instant analysis.

There are a series of building blocks which can be used in conjunction with an SAP S/4HANA foundation to accelerate any supply chain transformation:


Use data as an insight-generation engine for new products and services designed around the customer.


Engage with external partners and collaborative platforms connecting assets, people, processes and things.


Build the capability to dynamically micro-segment customers, supporting multiple flexible and sustainable supply chains that leverage external partners to share ownership of physical assets.


Engender a "supply chain as-a-Service" mentality (plan, make, deliver) to refocus the business on growth through a dynamic, intelligent operating model and data-led adaptable workforce.


Leverage analytics and "what if" scenario modeling to enhance operations and add value for the customer.

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Customer experiences—delivered efficiently

With SAP S/4HANA providing the ideal opportunity for a radical reimagination of the end-to-end value chain, now is the time to reconfigure your supply chains around the real-time needs of customers.

The potential rewards are huge. With flexible supply chain solutions, cost-effective on-time delivery and new value-added services, the customer-centered supply chain provides a license for accelerated growth and enhanced customer trust. The impact? A $10 billion company can potentially boost sales up to $100 million, while providing the opportunity to transform forecasting accuracy and make significant efficiencies throughout the value chain.

With SAP solutions operating at the core, you can help pivot your supply chain wisely and map the journey towards simplified, flexible architectures that will support winning customer experiences—the source of future business growth and competitive advantage.

Carly L. Guenther

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Life Sciences, Supply Chain & Operations

Michel Roger

Managing Director – Supply Chain & Operations, SAP Business Group


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