Digital transformation drives supply chain reinvention

With three in five Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) already investing in and scaling digital solutions, a gap is starting to emerge—many are scaling digital in pockets.

Data to enable, partners for progress

The right data infrastructure is central to any digital platform, as is using a digital platform to coordinate data in a way that creates new data relationships for new, better processes. By driving the development of data strategy and platforms and partnering with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Digital Officer (CDO), CSCOs can deliver a truly comprehensive and integrated solution that meets the needs of the entire enterprise.

External partnerships also offer a competitive advantage, but for a platform-based ecosystem to work, you need to favor lightweight, cloud-based architectures over legacy systems or ERP systems. This flexible foundation allows for continuously evolving non-core functions, such as planning, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, sourcing and more.

These platforms can "plug and play" offering access to best-in-market solutions, and as organizations increasingly harvest data intelligence via algorithms and analytics, a modern digital platform is capable of hosting these algorithms, making them part of the overall business logic.

The difference a platform makes in return on digital investment enjoy a 27% with a platform, compared to 21.8% without a platform. And those that have digital platforms expect a 37% return, versus 28% for the executives who don’t deploy such a platform.

Caption: CSCOs need to move beyond scaling pockets of digital progress, teaming with their peers across the organization in a coordinated effort.

Partner platforms for speed to market

A global life sciences company was experiencing supply chain challenges, costing it hundreds of millions of dollars due to delayed product release. Working with company leaders, we rapidly implemented a new platform, improved coordination with partners, and gave better control of and visibility into the supply chain operations.

Pablo Caballero

Managing Director – Products and Capability Network Supply Chain and Operations, Management Consulting

Melissa Denner

Senior Principal – Supply Chain and Operations, Management Consulting


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