In brief

In brief

  • Practical recommendations for how to spark innovation in your products, engineering, operating models and ecosystems
  • Recaps how the S-Curve model serves as a compass to innovation for unleashing revenue growth
  • Advice broken down by type of company: content creators & broadcasters; operators & CSPs; platforms

Innovation has always characterized the television industry. But as today’s platform players shake things up with IP-based video consumption, there’s a new urgency to deliver that old characteristic.

In this report, we dig deep into why innovation remains essential to your success, and lay out the latest ideas you can use to keep it alive in your products, engineering, operating model, commercial models and ecosystems.

Bringing TV to Life VIII | Innovation Applied Now

Accenture's eighth annual Bringing TV to Life report explores the innovative approaches you’ll need along every step of this curve. See more.

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Reboot to advance forward

Digital disruption isn’t on its way, it’s here today. New players experiment with internet technology to launch new business models at scale. Meanwhile, incumbents are trying to carefully buoy their traditional business while setting new foundations for innovation in new areas.

In Bringing TV To Life VII, we introduced the concept of the S-Curve, a model that helps you to understand, cope with and balance your stages of development. Successful broadcasters and operators use the S-Curve to meet the challenge of investing in innovation with confidence.

The S-Curve helps you manage three waves of transformation.
Transforming the core: invest in efficiencies
Growing the core: invest to grow the existing business
Building the new: incubate new, disruptive ideas; the Next Big Thing

"In this issue, we focus on the loaded but yet critical term: Innovation.''

– SEF TUMA, Managing Director – Accenture Digital Video

Sef Tuma

Managing Director – Accenture Digital Video

James Weeks

Senior Manager – Accenture Digital Video


Gino Galassi


Bikash Mishra


John Ibbotson


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Bringing TV to Life VII: Charting the course to success

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