In brief

In brief

  • APAC CSPs need to look beyond connectivity and reach into the B2B ecosystem and value chain for growth.
  • The four strategic plays require different investment priorities, capabilities and skillsets to succeed.
  • CSPs have an opportunity to define new roles at the center of the connected industry ecosystems.

This is a critical time for APAC Communication Services Providers (CSPs) with growing challenges in their operating environments. CSPs’ traditionally profitable consumer market for mobile, voice and internet services are rapidly commoditizing, creating revenue pressures while trying to reduce costs. Digital disruptors are reducing the barriers of entry capturing new B2B opportunities created by the digital revolution. While consumer expectations and options increase, brand and customer loyalties decrease.

If CSPs fail to adapt and adjust to the disruptive headwinds with speed and agility, the danger is ending up as pure connectivity providers in a commoditized market – for both B2B and B2C. However, the current industry and societal trends, accelerated by B2B digital transformation, offer growth opportunities to CSPs. The digital trends enable a number of CSP strategic plays but tough choices will be required. APAC CSPs can start extending their reach provide value to B2B customer ecosystems with new business models, capabilities and competencies.

"The global and regional B2B trends, emergence of digital disrupters and with new 5G, Software Defined technologies require CSPs to deliberate and decide on strategic plays to capture growth. APAC CSPs have an opportunity to define new roles at the center of the connected industry ecosystems."

– Dr. GOPI KURUP, Managing Director – Communications, Media and Technology

Gopi Kurup

Managing Director – Technology Consulting for Communications, Media & Technology


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