In brief

In brief

  • Cloud is essential for banks in growth markets to tackle today’s challenges and grasp tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Banks in growth markets face flat revenue growth, pressure on balance sheets and disruptive competitors. And COVID has amplified these challenges.
  • It’s now harder than ever to drive essential business transformations for accelerated growth and new hyper-personalised customer offerings.
  • Cloud is the key enabler of the agility, efficiency, resilience and innovation that banks need to move forward with new operating models.

Banking faces unprecedented structural shifts

For a number of years, the banking sector in the growth markets of Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America outperformed its global peers across a number of financial metrics. The balance is now tilting in growth markets as banks’ balance sheets come under greater pressure and new digital competition emerges. The macroeconomic impact of the pandemic has compounded the scale of challenge banks face. Banks that had already begun their journeys to cloud have been able to navigate these challenges with greater agility and responsiveness. Post-COVID, cloud will prove even more transformational, equipping banks with vital scalability, efficiency, agility and security. In fact, cloud maturity is fast becoming a hallmark of the world’s best-performing banks. Our report assesses the current state of cloud maturity in growth markets and outlines the steps banks can take to accelerate their cloud-powered transformations.

Unlock the value of cloud

Regardless of the strategies banks pursue, cloud will need to be at the heart of their execution. That’s because it enables:

  1. Data-driven, digital banking @ scale
  2. Speed to market
  3. Exponential innovation
  4. A transformed cost-curve
  5. Security
  6. Sustainability
  7. Shared commercial risk

This paper sets out each of these aspects in detail. It also offers a cloud value case and highlights the business benefits of moving immediately and rapidly to cloud. By adopting a modular approach to decoupling core banking applications, banks can unlock the value of cloud while avoiding a high-cost, high-risk ‘big bang’ migration.

About the Authors

Fergus Gordon

Managing Director – Africa & Asia Pacific Banking

Duncan Eadie

Lead – Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering, AAPAC & ASIAN

Rajeev Nair

Managing Director – Accenture Technology, Financial Services

Satish Janardhanan

Lead - Application Security, Accenture Technology

Alex Trott

Managing Director, Banking Lead – Australia and New Zealand


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