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Is your IT workforce ready to adapt to the digital world?

Accenture shares three strategies to assemble a liquid workforce to match the fluidity of business today.

The time is now

Traditional sourcing approaches are no longer able to deliver the agility that a digital business demands.

Today: Many IT workforces are static, organized around siloed skills and functions across the IT organization and external vendors.

Tomorrow: Workforces will need to be adaptable, organized around heterogeneous technologies and projects, and working in closer proximity to the business.


Creating the new IT environment

As CIOs reasses their IT organization’s role, three priorities should be top of mind in creating their new IT organization.

Build a “liquid workforce”
Businesses need their workforce to be change ready. And, this ability to “adapt quickly” may be valued over “deep expertise” in some parts of a business.

Migrate to “as a service” commercial models 

Intelligent automation and crowdsourcing are breaking the link between headcount and revenue, making traditional FTE-based commercial models obsolete.

Implement the right local/global sourcing mix 

With shortened cycle times and increased business interaction, companies need to leverage a more local workforce with different skills in different places.

Be built for change

The role of IT is changing from a “manage the business” to a “grow the business” mindset. New sourcing strategies built on these three pillars will position companies to become highly-adaptable and change-ready organizations. Implementing these new strategies will require broad-based behavioral change to foster and sustain a digital learning culture. We call this “rotating to the new.”

Connect and Engage

Bhaskar Ghosh
Group Chief Executive – Accenture Technology Services

"Digital technologies can create huge opportunities for organizations in all sectors. But, the benefits can only be realized by companies that can change to take advantage of this new world. Managing the journey to future-focused sourcing will be the key to their success."