Intelligent Automation: the essential new co-worker for the digital age

Leaders embrace automation because they know it’s the secret to overcoming the breakneck pace of digital change. The true visionaries use intelligent automation to create a new digital world where they are masters of competitive advantage. Their latest recruits are include machines and software intelligence who they are using to bring new skills to help their people do new jobs and invent a new future for themselves and the organization.

Intelligent automation brings fundamental changes to how businesses and individuals work. Machines have different strengths and capabilities that complement their human supervisors. Together, they’re changing what’s possible.


70% Pie Chart

Seventy percent of executives are making significantly more investments in AI than in 2013.

Why Now

Software’s immersion within businesses, process and objects has expanded the scope of what could be automated. When you add in rapid advances in artificial intelligence, you start seeing a lot more interest in technologies that are increasing how well machine sense, learn and act. Investors are taking notice –investments in artificial intelligence start-ups by venture capitalists have increased roughly 20x in the last four years. What’s your Intelligent Automation play?


Advantages of Automation

Enable enterprises to innovate and evolve by increasing agility

Reduce systems and operations complexity

Accelerate time to market

Continuous experimentation with new products and services

Automation in Action



Robots deliver towels and toothpaste straight to hotel rooms.



Intelligent ‘worms’ monitor hazardous mining operations and take the most dangerous tasks away from people.



Math students now have access to virtual tutors. After implementing these bot tutors, pass rates rose by 11%, withdrawal rates fell by 56% and because students can now progress at their own pace, over half complete a month earlier than before.



Boosting crop yields through precision monitoring.



30,000 Kiva robots helping Amazon to meet rising customer demand and get closer to same-day delivery.

Successful Adaptation

The pressure to keep pace is relentless. The opportunity to leap ahead is available to few. Key barriers for large enterprises include scale and complexity. Intelligent automation has the power to make things simpler. It can help integrate everything that’s coming your way—new products, services, technology tools, business models, alliances, ecosystems and more.

Technology Forward


“Machines and artificial intelligence will be the newest recruits to the workforce, bringing new skills to help people do new jobs, and reinventing what’s possible.”

The Next 365 Days

What next? Responding to each trend requires setting in motion immediate and longer-term actions and plans. Read our recommendations here.

Moving Forward


Liquid Workforce

New technologies require new talents. Liquidity takes on new meaning in the workforce: Become adaptable, change-ready and responsive. 



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