Insurance CMO insights survey supports digital transformation—Podcast

Accenture research provides incentive and insight for insurance CMOs ready to play key roles in digital transformation.
CMOs: Time for Digital Transformation

In this podcast from Accenture's Digital Insurer series, Accenture's North American Insurance Distribution and Marketing Lead Erik Sandquist speaks with Jean-François Gasc, Insurance Management Consulting Lead for Europe, Africa and Latin America along with Andrea Moneta, Senior Executive in Accenture Strategy, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that insurance CMOs must confront in this environment of non-stop digital disruption.

Customer expectations have been set high, and most CMOs recognize their roles will transform over the next five years as those expectations interact with digital transformation. Accenture's research suggests areas of focus and change for high performers in the digital insurance marketplace, and this conversation offers insight into how CMOs can define their roles and become key drivers in these areas.