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The connected insurer—part one: What is driving this disruptive trend?—video

Accenture’s John Cusano kicks off his “Connected Insurer” video series by looking at whether the Internet of Things is a passing fad or the next big thing.
The Connected Insurer--Part Two:

In this video, Accenture’s John Cusano delves into the Internet of Things and shares what it means to insurers. Is this disruptive technology a passing fad, or is it the next big thing? Watch this video—the first in a two-part “Connected Insurer” series—to find out.

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John Cusano concludes his “Connected Insurer” series by discussing the growing role of connected devices in auto, home, life and health insurance, and explaining how carriers can benefit from the Internet of Things.

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Download the VideoDownload the Video [WMV 209MB]


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