What's your company's AI IQ?

Using AI to its full sophistication is key to leapfrogging competitors.


Leading companies are moving beyond conventional AI uses like chat-bot issue resolution or personalized shopping. Instead, they are thinking more broadly about how AI can transform the customer experience.

The real value in AI lies in it taking the decision-making burden off of consumers. When AI proactively consults with users to make life easier—from scheduling travel to making a typical work day less stressful—this is where the true value of the technology becomes apparent.



  • Leading AI takes customers from DIY to Do-It-For-Me. In a Do-It-For-Me model, customers don’t have to bother with unessential information—they just benefit from the end result: AI proactively turning their pertinent information into action.

  • AI takes us from omnichannel to channel-less. Today’s customers want simple interactions, but instead are offered a clumsy combination of digital and analog channels. Consumer frustration with channel noise and inconsistency has led to the willingness to accept AI as their gateway to customer interaction.

  • AI can help your workforce find its sweet spot. Because AI takes the routine and analytics workload off human customer service reps, it allows humans to focus on what we do better than AI: creativity, intuition, empathy and choice. Customers get the best of both worlds: the analytical firepower of AI and the more nuanced intelligence of the human workforce.


To differentiate, C-suite leaders should broaden AI applications across their companies before doing so becomes table stakes.

Identify and invest where you can innovate for your customer. Most companies look at AI only through an efficiency lens. Finding ways to better serve your customers deserves its own brainstorm.

Spend less time mapping channels, more time mapping your AI ecosystem. A good ecosystem provides leapfrogging benefits, helping your company bolster its capabilities far more rapidly.

Organize a future where AI, digital and customer experience integrate. Using a deliberate approach and starting in the C-Suite, set a top-down strategy to balance these capabilities.

Embracing #AI across the business can offer a 30-50% increase in profits.