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Capitalizing on the Cloud

Accenture turbocharges its IT capabilities


Cloud-based capabilities offered by third parties provide superior performance and functionality at a much lower price, because costs are spread across a larger customer base.

Still, why would a global corporation take the risk of handing over critical communications and collaboration capabilities to a third party?

Where some might see only risks, we saw opportunities. Our experience indicated that even when starting with an optimized platform, the business case is more than validated by the benefits.

By early 2015, we moved nearly 350,000 company mailboxes and nearly 13,000 shared-services sites to the cloud. We earned back this investment in a year, and expect to save millions of dollars in coming years.

Our internal IT organization was impressed by the enhanced capabilities in cloud-based offerings: mailbox sizes up to 15 times larger than pre-migration limits, robust archival services and built-in disaster recovery protocols.

Security, often a concern when first exploring the cloud, turned out to be a non-event. We found security safeguards and procedures equal to our own. Best of all, cloud-based service provides for a stable and predictable financial model.

We continue to add more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to our application portfolio, especially in situations where lower integration costs are attractive.



You’ve got mail (in the cloud). Listen in as Bill Hub from Accenture’s Internal IT department discusses transition of
e-mail from on-premise to the cloud.