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The key to sales productivity and growth? Spend less time selling

Leaders spend less time selling products and more time delivering customer experiences (CX).


CSOs no longer win customers at the point of purchase. Consider this: business customers are usually 57 percent through the buying process when they meet sales representatives for the first time. That’s more than 50 percent of the sales journey during which time sales teams are shut out, unable to influence buying decisions.

In this environment, CSOs need to reconsider their interactions with customers and better understand where, when and how often they have opportunities to advise and influence them. They need to shift their focus from increasing selling time to helping their sellers optimize precious moments of truth.


Key Findings

Many Chief Sales officers at B2B companies are struggling:

  • In 2014, nearly a fifth failed to meet their revenue targets. They attained, on average, just 82 percent of their goals.

  • In 2015, 79 percent saw a sales target increase of 5 percent or more. But only 16 percent are confident they can achieve them.

In contrast, some CSOs experience much more success. They distinguish themselves by acknowledging that engaging experiences persuade customers to buy more, stay longer and refer others. Further they prioritize and monetize customer experience and maximize selling opportunities by aligning their sales approach to the entire customer experience. Those efforts pay off:

  • 58 percent of high-performing B2B companies originate the majority of their leads from non-sales experiences.

  • 72 percent can directly attribute business results to CX investments; only 22 percent of low performers can.


To use CX to its fullest advantage, CSOs should:

  • Embrace the premise that each customer interaction is an opportunity to position sales agents as trusted advisors and relationship managers.

  • Balance account origination activities with account expansion initiatives. This means retooling sales talent and selecting the team members and channel partners best suited—and most motivated—to deliver experiences that influence sales.

  • Fix bad experiences. When they “own” the customer experience, CSOs can identify the experiences that erode customer loyalty, and also invest in targeted service improvements that produce better outcomes.


Jason Angelos

Jason Angelos
Managing Director – Accenture Strategy
Advanced Customer Strategy

Jason helps global organizations plan, architect and deploy innovative and highly agile sales solutions that drive more profitable growth. With nearly two decades of experience, he specializes in sales spend optimization, price and profit optimization, execution and operations excellence, sales talent enablement, and digital selling and dynamic channels. Jason is based in Los Angeles.

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Phil Davis

Phil Davis
Managing Director – Accenture Strategy
Advanced Customer Strategy

Phil advises organizations on how to achieve their full potential and growth through a customer-centered strategy. In doing so, he helps C-level leaders not only understand industry profit pools and their options for customer experience-led growth, but also develop an achievable mobilization plan. Phil is based in San Francisco.

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