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Industry X.0 is how we define the digital reinvention of industry, when businesses use advanced digital technologies to transform their core operations, their worker and customer experiences, and ultimately their business models. But how should companies take advantage of the enormous possibilities of Industry X.0?

During #ITAP2018, we launched our Delivering Digital Dividends Research and shared our insights on Asia Pacific's potential for growth and industrial transformation, the pressure on organizations to embrace innovation and core transformative approached beyond simple technology adoption. Take a look at our one-to-one interviews with industry figures in our Accenture Broadcast section to learn more.

We look forward to seeing you at Industrial Transformation – Asia Pacific 2019.



    During the #ITAP2018 conference, we showcased several demonstrations that showed how to make the most out of your digital production and operations.

    Imagine true digital manufacturing end-to-end automation, live metrics of production capacity, preventive maintenance, products defects analysis and more. Or live it. Visit us at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pac where you can see how we connect intelligent devices and the Industrial Internet of Things with people and processes to bring end-to-end discrete manufacturing to life.

    Digital is sparking big changes in how oil and gas companies collect, visualize and use operational data across the entire industry lifecycle—from exploration and production to refining and everything in between. Join us at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pac to learn how your assets create value, proactively address risks, simulate the impact of actions before they are executed, and improve the safety and productivity of digitally connected workers.

    Worried that your legacy systems are not secure in an Internet of Things (IoT) world? This is a big concern for manufacturers, process industries and utility companies and it’s no wonder. Industrial equipment and critical infrastructure systems have long life spans, and most of this legacy has at best been designed for local connectivity only. Visit us at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pac to explore our technology demonstrator that makes the control unit of legacy systems both cloud and IoT ready.

    Counterfeit and grey-market goods in the supply chain cause significant risk to cyber-physical systems. Enter blockchain, the supply chain’s best risk manager. In this demo, we’ll show how blockchain can be used throughout and across processes to improve transparency, tracking, and trust, and allow you to see it in action. Come and experience it at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pac.


    Aidan Quilligan
    Industry X.0 Global lead

    Eric Schaeffer
    Industrial and Products Industry X.0
    Global lead

    Gianfranco Casati
    Group Chief Executive, Growth Markets

    Raghu Gullapalli
    Industrial APAC lead

    Vincent Cabanel
    Industry X.0 APAC lead

    Senthil Ramani
    Enterprise Services Business Services
    APAC lead