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Bikes for Tykes: Child Cancer Foundation

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Tupu Toa

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Dress for Success Dine Around

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Eat my Lunch

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A busy day in Wellington with Sustainable Coastlines

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Accenture New Zealand and Wellington Rugby

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Environment / Stories of Empowerment

KiwiHarvest Turning waste into a feast

Food waste is a big problem. But excess food can be put to good use. The team at KiwiHarvest rescue quality food from supermarkets, hotels and restaurants that would otherwise go to waste. The ingredients are then used to make healthy meals for people in need. The work done at KiwiHarvest aligns with our own commitment to support environmentally conscious and community-driven initiatives.

To show our support for the progress, employees from our Wellington office volunteered with “Cooking for a Cause”. Most recently, a team of 31 volunteers, three chefs and three KiwiHarvest crew prepared food from scratch, cooking over 100 nutritious meals —including vegetable soup, German pasta with meatballs and apple and parsnip torte — all created from rescued ingredients. We learnt more about food waste, food vulnerability and the role that KiwiHarvest plays in the community.

An educational and highly rewarding experience. We delivered the meals to the Ronald McDonald House, a charity which provides a free ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families with children in a hospital.

“The Wellington team had a great time in the kitchen helping to cook more than 100 tasty and nutritious meals from rescued food. It was especially satisfying to deliver the meals to Ronald McDonald House and the Wellington City Mission and see how much our efforts were appreciated by those in need.”

Jane Holland, Senior Manager,

Skills to Succeed

Tupu Toa Nurturing New Zealand's future leaders

The best-integrated societies are the strongest. We are committed to workplace integration, a value shared by TupuToa. TupuToa is an internship program aiming to grow the next generation of Māori and Pasifika business leaders. To make sure that the corporate leaders of tomorrow truly harness the country’s rich talent, we have teamed up with TupuToa to help create pathways for Māori and Pasifika tertiary students into corporate careers.

Our partnership is truly reciprocal. We are providing internship opportunities for students in both Wellington and Auckland, to offer students the opportunity to network in and familiarise themselves with a corporate environment and giving us access to some of the most exciting young talent across the country. We are also working on transitioning TupuToa’s current processes, helping them to move from a manual process to a Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system to streamline practices and to ensure that TupuToa is best placed to continue the fantastic work it has done to date.

“It was amazing to be able to help contribute to TupuToa’s vision for Maori and Pasifika students to succeed in their careers. By designing and configuring Salesforce Lightning with the TupuToa team, we’ve helped them have better visibility and management of the journey each TupuToa intern will go on, helping to further their success.”

Emma Hu, Application Development Associate,

Stories of Empowerment

Bikes for Tykes: Child Cancer Foundation Helping children with cancer to have a childhood

Cancer can affect us all. But the impact on children can be the most devastating. The Child Cancer Foundation New Zealand is a non-profit organisation which provides support and assistance to families, parents and children suffering from cancer. At the heart of the Foundation’s ethos is their pledge to ensure that every child suffering from cancer should have the fullest childhood possible.

We wanted to help. That’s why, in July 2017, our Accenture Wellington family came together for a volunteering event to build and donate 10 bikes to children currently undergoing treatment for cancer. 77 Accenture people participated, the majority from Wellington, but also from Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Manila.

The bikes were given to children from local families. With all the emotional and financial expenditure required from a family with a child suffering from cancer, it becomes difficult for them to provide the items required for their child’s fun and leisure. The event provided a chance for our people to give back to the community and to help the most vulnerable.

“I’m sure someone was cutting some onions at the end when the kids came in to collect their bikes as there were a lot of teary eyes in the room! This event and others like it demonstrates our commitment to volunteering and how it significantly develops our whanau (family) and culture in New Zealand.”

Justin Gray,
Managing Director,
Accenture New Zealand

“It was wonderful to see the kids receive bikes and so good to know we could make a small difference in the lives of families who have been struggling with cancer.”

Jane Holland,
Senior Manager,

Skills to Succeed / Stories of Empowerment

Dress for Success New Zealand Having fun to support equality

Dress for Success is a non-profit organisation, empowering women to achieve economic independence, by giving them the support networks, knowledge and professional attire needed for success in the workplace. Accenture’s partnership with Dress for Success began in Australia in 2011, when it helped launch its Career Support Program, which provides women with the opportunity to attend employability skills workshops and receive career development guidance. The partnership has strengthened ever since.

We are always looking to support organisations that want to break down barriers in the workplace and in society. Demonstrating our commitment to promoting equality, we have partnered with Dress for Success as part of our Skills to Succeed program.

Our people’s desire does not stop at volunteering their professional expertise. Members of our health and public services team raised almost NZ$8,000 at a dine-around charity event in Wellington for the non-profit, showing our people’s willingness to go the extra mile for a good cause.

“This is a fantastic result and shows what we can do as a group, have some fun and support a wonderful cause by helping people with their careers. Well done team!”

Catherine Garner,
Managing Director,
Australia and New Zealand


Eat my Lunch

One in four Kiwi kids (approx. 25,000) live in poverty and go to school without lunch every day. We want to help change this by making it easier for Kiwis to help Kiwis. That’s why our volunteers in Auckland signed up for a three-hour sandwich-making session for Eat My Lunch, and come in early morning on November 8th. Our team were greeted by smiling volunteers, and with their chef’s aprons and plastic gloves on, were soon transforming the donated raw produce into sandwiches and packed lunches.

Everyone enjoyed the early morning sandwich-making session, and the experience gave them insights into the challenges and dedication volunteers face as they help make and pack Kiwi kids’ lunches. The kids receive a lunch that looks and tastes like it’s homemade. It includes three items, usually a wholegrain sandwich with a protein and salad filling, a healthy snack and a treat all inside a brown paper bag.

Later that morning, more than 1,600 lunches were delivered to schools across Auckland. So far, Eat My Lunch has provided over 582,000 lunches to Kiwi kids across 53 schools in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. Donations from food retailers and support from volunteers made all this possible. A worthwhile experience, our volunteers gained an understanding of the challenges less fortunate people go through.

“Volunteering helps you realise quite how much you have to be grateful for and puts some of your challenges into perspective.”

Ian Dinwiddie,
Finance Services Manager


A busy day in Wellington with Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines is a New Zealand charity run by a team of hard-working staff and a network of passionate volunteers and collaborators. Their mission is to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love. With the New Zealand summer on our door step, our people in Wellington were motivated to organise a clean-up together with the Sustainable Coastlines.

Sustainable Coastlines run an annual eight-week program coming into summer, where small groups like ourselves either organise a clean-up, or ask the charity to organise one at an additional expense. Due to other events and the timeframe we desired, it made sense for us to organise our own clean-up and work with Sustainable Coastlines.

October 20th turned out to be a pleasant day in Wellington, so we could collect a substantial amount of rubbish around Scorching Bay. The organisation provided helpful insights about the activity along the way. Looking at our accomplishment, we realised we were making a difference and contributing towards our Accenture’s eco goals of reducing our impact on the environment, inside and outside of the office.

“Looking at our accomplishment, we realised we were making a difference and contributing towards our Accenture’s eco goals of reducing our impact on the environment, inside and outside of the office.”

Katie Hayward,
Technology Consulting Analyst,

Rugby Wellington / Stories of Empowerment

Accenture New Zealand and Wellington Rugby Supporting Wellington Rugby on and off the field


Wellington Rugby is nearly a hundred and fifty years old. To this day, it plays an essential role in delivering the sport of rugby to all ages across the region.

Junior Rugby is the most important part of Wellington Rugby; it's the largest area of their registered numbers, and it's where thousands of youngsters learn important life skills like camaraderie, discipline, perseverance, teamwork and essential social skills that are important to us all.

Junior Rugby is possible thanks to centralised funding, community funding, and revenue from fans and sponsors. As Wellington Rugby's innovation partner, Accenture is using emerging technology to increase revenue through sponsorship and membership products, allowing Wellington Rugby to invest in their passions such as Junior Rugby.