David S.


David S.


Senior Manager


Wellington, New Zealand

Area of Interest

Career Area

Industry Solutions & Services


Electrical & Electronic Engineering

About Me

What I Do
My career path at Accenture has covered a range of technology and business roles within the public sector industry over my 14-year journey. This has provided a broad background which allows me to now focus on program management for large, complex, multi-year engagements.

Day In My Life
I’m able to walk to the office most mornings, arriving around 8.30 am. A typical day has around 5 hours of meetings including status updates, governance forums and sub-team checkpoints. I have regular checkpoints throughout the week with team members, leadership and other network connections. This leaves the rest of my time to check in with the project team members, progress action items and review deliverables. I also try to focus on the horizon, preparing for upcoming activities within the program.

Most days I leave the office around 6pm again walking home and having dinner with the family. After putting the children to bed I spend some time with my wife talking through the day’s highlights before checking in with emails to monitor any urgent requests. I’ll unwind with some TV depending on what’s on or catch up with friends back in Australia – the time zone difference has its advantages here.

Outside the Office
With 3 young children there is never a dull moment at home. It is important to appreciate the challenges and rewards that come with this season, in particular recognising each major milestone in our children’s development - I try to nurture their individual strengths and characteristics.

I enjoy spending time with friends and enjoy any form of team competition – board games at home are a favourite.

My Advice
Focus on what is important and don’t stress about the small stuff.