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At Accenture, every day is an adventure. You’ll discover opportunities to make an impact on the world and change the game for clients and their customers.

We’re always looking for game changers who enjoy a challenge. And we love finding new ways to test our future leaders, so we’ve assembled three of the best (and most addictive) open source games for a fun brain challenge. The skills you need to master the games are similar to the skills we’re looking to hire: strategic-thinkers, problem-solvers, game changers.

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Will you top the list of Game Changers?

Will you top the list of Game Changers?

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Game Changer Leaderboard

1.  Niels Dyrelund Denmark 13,104
2.  Michal Slovak Republic 7,712
3.  Jesper Lund Hedegaard Denmark 7,304
4.  Kara H United States 6,856
5.  Yuki Urano Japan 5,928