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What is Accenture Adventure

Accenture Adventure is a one day event that brings like-minded students together to take on challenges and work together to reach the ultimate goal – a 2018 Accenture graduate role.

Taking place for the first time in Auckland and Wellington in October 2016, Accenture Adventure will see you work with others to demonstrate innovation, a can-do attitude, team spirit and leadership. Along the way, you'll be guided and hear from Accenture's experts as you participate in solving real business challenges. The day will conclude with interviews with Accenture Managing Directors and a networking event. Successful candidates will be offered a 2018 Accenture Graduate role.

You may be thinking that 2018 seems to be a long time away. You won’t be alone in this, which is why, if successful, you will be asked to join Accelerate. This is a program that starts prior to you joining us. There you'll have opportunities to network and make friends with other Accenture Adventurers while attending a series of events and workshops.

Apply now for Accenture Adventure - It's an excellent way to fast track into a graduate role before you've completed your final year of study and takes the pressure off.

Take part and benefit

Take part and benefit.

The biggest benefit you could receive from attending is going into your final year knowing you have a Graduate position secured at the end of your study. There's also lot's of other great reasons to take the plunge.

You'll also:

  • Meet like-minded people passionate about Consulting and Technology.

  • Gain insights about consultancy and Technology careers.

  • Network and hear from leading Accenture experts.

Opportunities, opportunities, and more of them.

Opportunities, opportunities, and more of them.

Those who are successful on the day will have the opportunity to kick-start their future with one of the largest Consulting companies in the world. You'll also join our Accelerate program allowing you to:

  • Familiarise yourself with Accenture and prepare for the Graduate Program.

  • Network with peers and future colleagues.

  • Attend fun and informative events and workshops.

You could be exactly what we need.

You could be exactly what we need.

There is no one Accenture person - we are a diverse organisation that employs over 373,000 people. We do however admire certain characteristics in the graduates we hire.

We're looking for:

  • Bright types that think outside the square.

  • Hard workers that enjoy solving tricky problems.

  • Challengers, not just followers.

  • Visionaries with unique perspectives.

  • Idea generators who can conceive and implement excellent solutions.

  • Individuals who are still studying at uni - but soon to finish.

  • Future business and government leaders.

  • Credible professionals with executive level presence.

Still not sure if it’s right for you?...

Hear from Justin Gray, Country Managing Director for New Zealand on some of the benefits of working at Accenture and things we look for in our graduates.

Justin Gray

“The candidates that appeal to me are those who have a great attitude, passion and values. We don’t have a particular preference for any one degree. We look for people who have an interest in digital and technology and want to be in involved in creating and delivering innovative solutions for our clients.”

“You’ve got to leave the competition behind. Often universities can instill a level of competiveness in people and that doesn’t work in our business. We want you to compete against yourself to be the best you can be but if you try to compete against other graduates you’re going to fail. We build teams that support each other and the team succeeds as a whole.”

Hear from graduates at Accenture

Check out our blog page and read more about Accenture Graduates experiences


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The essentials required.

• To qualify for Accenture Adventure, you'll need:

• To be completing your full-time studies mid to the end of 2017.

• A minimum GPA or WAM of 70%.

• New Zealand or Australian Citizenship, or Permanent New Zealand Residency.

• You must attach a copy of your CV and academic transcript in order to be considered.

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Making your application.

• To apply you'll need to:

• Make your application via the job requisition on our website.

• Attach your CV and academic transcript.

Please note applications are closed for Accenture Adventure 2016/17, but you can apply for 2018.

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The selection process.

Upon successful completion of a phone interview you'll be invited to attend an in-person interview with an Accenture team member. During that interview you'll have a chance to learn more about the company. If successful you'll be invited to attend a one-day Accenture Adventure event in Auckland or Wellington.

Applications are currently closed but to register your interest for our scheme click here.

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