Accenture’s sap data archiving capability

Reducing risk, optimizing system performance and cutting costs


Data in systems today is growing at hyper levels, and data in SAP® ERP systems is no exception.

“As databases in organizations become large, they result in increased risk, reduced system performance and increased total cost of ownership,” says Dan Kirner, executive director of Accenture’s SAP Strategy, Program and Operations. “Ever-increasing data volumes become more difficult to manage as part of our normal IT processing, and that growth in data volumes poses a risk in the ability of our internal IT organization to meet service level agreements.”

Given this trend, organizations look to improve system performance and data management through SAP data archiving solutions. In Accenture’s case, it needed to evolve its initial archiving solution to minimize risk and address performance and costs, while adhering to legal and compliance requirements.


Accenture’s internal IT organization applied leading SAP data archiving practices to shape a holistic SAP® Business Suite on HANA archiving solution. Data growth in business process areas that are vital to Accenture’s business were analyzed and prioritized based on the rate of growth atnd impact to the business. The scope of business areas for archiving expanded into new and existing finance functions within SAP Business Suite on HANA.

Upon close collaboration between Accenture’s internal IT team, Accenture Consulting archiving leadership and business stakeholders, the solution selected was an enterprise content management platform. It addressed Accenture’s needs for a solution that is enterprise-class, compliant and secure.

To streamline implementation activities, the internal IT team leveraged Accenture’s delivery accelerators. Skilled SAP resources across Accenture helped to provide in-depth SAP knowledge and drive efficiencies. To date, the SAP data archiving solution has delivered 25 SAP Business Suite on HANA objects. Accenture will add more archiving objects accordingly to meet service level agreements. Data is archived on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the type of object and archiving is scheduled and validated by the production support teams as part of normal operations.

To further mitigate any concerns about archiving, the team developed a low-cost technology and process solution to reload SAP Business Suite on HANA data in the event that critical data is needed faster or was incorrectly archived.

The initial archiving solution was completed in six months without disruption to business operations. The solution is maintained by Accenture’s ERP production support teams, with light oversight to ensure the technology stays current, stable and secure, and to maintain the long-term strategy to meet Accenture’s scale.


A focused archiving strategy and capability enables Accenture to optimize system performance by managing data growth at a lower cost one time and ongoing, while adhering to legal and compliance requirements.

 Improved Financial Close


Optimizes volume of data
to be processed

Builds contingency in the
financial close and online
transaction processing

Gained Efficiencies


Can upgrade SAP software
versions as needed via
the cloud

Batch cycle processing
time reduced by 250

Achieved Steady-State Annual Storage Costs


Reduced storage costs by
more than five percent

Annual storage costs have
reached a steady state,
while data volumes

As Accenture has continued to grow, the internal IT organization is able to continue to meet the same service level agreements for the business as in the past.