Utilities insights for the new year

A collection of the top Accenture Utilities research, points of view, and insights published over the last year.

"I’m pleased to share the following collection of recent publications from our thought leaders, offering insights for utilities executives to deliver more value to their customers, employees, communities, and business stakeholders in 2021."

— STEPHANIE JAMISON, Accenture Utilities Global Lead

The path to a zero-carbon energy system

How a system value framework can deliver value across the economy, environment, society and the overall energy system.

What are the benefits of a system value approach?

Understanding system value and how it can maximize the economic, environmental, social and technical outcomes of energy solutions.

Powering the energy transition in emerging markets

The opportunity to power the energy transition in emerging markets to accelerate progress towards a clean energy future.

Industrial clusters are critical to getting to net

Why industrial clusters have a big role to play in the clean energy transition.

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Leading the energy transition

Exploring the opportunities for utilities to strengthen their leadership role in the drive towards net-zero.

Leading energy transition in tough times

How utilities can recharge energy customers for sustainable growth through COVID-19 and beyond. Read more.

How can utilities harness the power of cloud?

The imperative for putting cloud at the core of utilities businesses to deliver fast change and innovation at scale.

Getting to zero emissions by 2050

A look at the barriers and opportunities to partner with customers on the quest for a sustainable, inclusive and smart energy future.

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Grid talk

Insights for ensuring a more flexible, reliable and resilient transmission and distribution network.

Increasing extreme weather needs more resilience

Why investment in resilience is now the biggest imperative for electric utilities.

Greater resilience to confront extreme weather

Creating an effective resilience strategy to confront the challenges of extreme weather events. Read more.

The control center of the future is already here

Examining the digital technologies that are available today to power the control center of the future.

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The new energy consumer

Empowering energy retailers to transition from commodity suppliers to digital energy service providers.

Energy retail reimagined

How utilities can become profitable digital energy service providers.

Deliver new energy experiences for future growth

Insights for energy retailers to move from pilot programs to full rollouts of sustainable energy offerings—quickly and at scale. Read more.

Prioritise IT to grow your EV charging business

Why now is the time to put IT at the top of the list for expanding EV charging businesses.

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A renewables revolution

The innovative ways renewables companies are generating new value and greater performance.

Diving into hydropower’s digital transformation

The opportunity for Hydro operators to position for future growth and value through a digitally enabled, data-driven operation. Read more.

Digital for commercial optimization in renewables

In moving from maximizing production to maximizing margin per megawatt-hour, digital is a key factor for industry success. Read more.

Approaches for managing wind in transmission

As wind and solar generation increases, utilities are rethinking how their networks deliver electricity from renewable energy sources. Read more.

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Building resilience

How utilities can outmaneuver uncertainty to strengthen enterprise resilience.

What cost will customers bear for more resilience?

Examining the cost of resilience for customers and ways to manage expectations by collaborating with consumers on localized solutions.

Utilities reimagine risk mitigation

How utilities can take a holistic approach to risk management and use digital as a way to fast-track progress post Covid-19.

How to build a truly resilient utilities workforce

Insights for building a resilient utilities workforce, with flexibility at the core to be able to plan for any event.

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