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Intelligent enterprise search

Intelligent enterprise search in action

Corporate intranet portals

A single point-of-access for employees to navigate enterprise information, find experts, locate policies/procedures, etc., to drive business decisions

Support portals

Enable customers, employees, and partners to solve problems that require deeper knowledge from various functions of the organization

Business intelligence dashboards

Integrate information from markets, competitors, customers, and various data sources to solve challenges and identify new opportunities

Strategy and implementation

Assessment and strategy

Conduct a thorough assessment to review your business goals and technology infrastructure to recommend the right implementation strategy

Content acquisition and enrichment

Implement an efficient, secure content acquisition and processing pipeline to support a unified search experience from disparate data repositories

AI integration

Integrate with AI technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to optimize your users’ search and analytics experience

Search relevancy improvement

Customize relevancy ranking algorithms for your unique data sets and apply engine scoring to maintain search accuracy as enterprise data evolves

Search engine security

Ensure search engine security with document-level security and various enterprise-grade access permission methods

Support and managed services

Provide support and managed services to ensure your search engine performance is optimized so that you can focus on your business