Collaborating with manufacturers to devise technology-powered strategies across a global ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers.


Given the ongoing volatility and uncertainty inherent in today’s marketplace, manufacturers must be ready for whatever is thrown at them.

Manufacturers that plan to grow in the years ahead must be able to move quickly, confidently and cost-effectively to capture the growth opportunities that present themselves. This will require adopting an operating model that effectively accommodates the dynamic shifting of resources and activities both to different physical locations in their manufacturing network and within a specific facility in response to market developments or changes in demand.

Accenture Strategy helps manufacturing clients merge technology and business strategy to stay competitive in a constantly changing world. Bringing together business and technology, we help our clients focus on the who, what and where of the global manufacturing network. An integrated network provides visibility and transparency, fosters better collaboration and communication with partner and supply networks, minimizes the risk of delays and keeps the supply chain free of defects. We help clients integrate their networks and drive operational excellence within their manufacturing operations to meet cost and quality objectives.

Finally, we help our clients to drive strategy and execution with the latest thinking in technology and digital, enabling manufacturers to respond dynamically and effectively to changing demands that are also impacted by digital disruption.

At our innovation centers for manufacturing located in Chicago, Milan and Shanghai, manufacturing executives will get a glimpse into the future of manufacturing; access innovative ideas, technology and strategies; and develop a road map to help reach their objectives.

We have demonstrated experience in helping our clients achieve significant improvements:

  • Increase revenues through new market entry and strategic merger and acquisition.

  • Decrease cost of goods sold by 10 to 20 percent.

  • Reduce working capital by 10 to 15 percent.

  • Improve asset utilization by 5 to 20 percent.

  • Increase efficiency by 10 to 20 percent.

Why Accenture

Our research and experience has shown that manufacturing is critical to companies’ growth strategies. There are many decisions to consider when building and executing the appropriate manufacturing strategy. Understanding how these decisions link to the overall business strategy, are empowered or driven by technology and impact the company’s financial performance is one of the most effective ways companies can progress toward high performance.

Accenture Strategy offers all of the following to your business:

  • Deep manufacturing experience. We have extensive experience helping clients transform their manufacturing strategy and operations and have invested heavily in our methods, software solutions and people. This combined with our deep knowledge of the industries we serve is our competitive advantage.

  • Optimal mix of strategy, process, execution and technology. Accenture Strategy is unique among its competitors: our capabilities cover the full project life cycle from strategy to execution to enable our clients’ success at every point of their transformation journey

  • Rapid time to value. Our methodologies, frameworks and tools will identify quick value opportunities while also minimizing design risk. We will promptly validate how to drive value from improvements in manufacturing by enhancing functional capabilities and enabling technologies.

Specific Services

Our services span strategy, operations and technology consulting; driving leading manufacturer’s agendas to achieve greater manufacturing performance. Our services include:

  • Manufacturing Strategy, defining, driving and implementing the global manufacturing agenda, capabilities and operations strategy, and aligning manufacturing with corporate vision and business objectives

  • Manufacturing Network Management, developing synergy, visibility and operational control across a network of manufacturing assets, helping manufacturers monitor and control production, inventory, compliance, risk and security through efficient coordination of people, processes and technology

  • Manufacturing Operations, delivering efficiencies and value “within the four walls” of manufacturing assets to drive operational excellence and performance improvements, through enabling rapid product introductions, agility, speed, quality and cost as competitive advantage

  • Digital Manufacturing, developing a digital manufacturing agenda and revealing digitally enabled efficiencies through innovative use of new technology, analytics and mobility applications within a manufacturing network