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Perfect Sales - Distributor Management

Accenture helps CPG companies address the challenges of indirect distribution and drive a 30 percent improvement in trade performance.


Today, emerging markets hold the biggest growth potential for consumer goods industry. And within these markets, tier 2 and 3 cities and towns, and rural areas with growing disposable incomes are fuelling the consumption. With organized retail currently limited to larger cities, CPG manufacturers have to reach the end consumer through a complex, multilayered traditional trade structure.

Perfect Sales—Distributor can help CPG companies manage indirect channels better by providing actionable insights into markets, brand performance, point of sale (PoS) profitability, distributor performance, sales force effectiveness as well as operations and working capital improvements.

For detailed information, read about Accenture Perfect Sales.

Why Accenture

For decades, Accenture has been a leader in assisting Fortune 100 clients with sales strategy, planning and execution. Our team brings real-world sales and marketing experience.

We have a legacy of developing services that transform an industry and become the gold standard. Accenture owns and develops software targeted at the CPG sector.

Our industry-leading retail execution and merchandising software automates processes and provides performance visibility with a low cost of entry. By providing the hardware and hosting the technology as an end-to-end service, CPG companies can reduce their upfront investment and risk with a per-user charge.

We have deep experience and a proven track record in industry-specific sales processes and analytics, underpinned by scalable delivery capabilities and broad geographic coverage. Because our industry and functional consulting capabilities are tightly connected to our technology expertise and delivery teams, we are well positioned to deliver an integrated service to CPG companies.