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Bengaluru Delivery Center

Step inside Accenture’s flagship delivery center for operations.

Bengaluru, India, one of the world’s leading technology hubs, provides an ideal setting for our largest Operations delivery center.

More than 5,000 of our best people work across the 11 floors and 400,000 square feet of space at the center, a state-of-the art collaboration and innovation-centric environment designed to attract and retain the best talent for our clients.

Here you witness our as-a-Service model put in motion across industries and across our entire stack of Operations services.

Welcome! Let us show you around.

Innovation—in the new

Here’s where we bring our as-a-Service model to life for our clients, who are immersed in the “art of the possible” through live simulations of the future of their operations.

This technology-rich experience offers a first-hand look how business can transform with intelligent automation, insights driven from data and analytics and the power of liquid workforce models—all driven from a single customer-centric, cloud-enabled platform.

Defending your digital business

At Bengaluru, we also provide direct access to our cyber security capabilities, including managed security services, advanced analytics, intelligent automation and integrated cyber defense services.

We help organizations to develop and implement a transformational security approach that aligns with broader business goals, guards against a variety of threats and embraces emerging technology to support the pursuit of new digital opportunities.

Your journey to the cloud

Finding your way to the cloud? We bring your journey to the cloud to life at our Bengaluru center. We’ve developed industry-specific solutions that leverage the cloud and offer applications through Software-as-a-Service or managed cloud hosting.

Our analytics-based tools are integrated with the Accenture Cloud Platform to maximize client outcomes.

We have more than 500 professionals trained, experienced and certified on various cloud platforms to provide end-to-end spectrum of services, including strategy, transformation, migration and operations.